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UNHCR country offices

“Protecting Human Rights on the Ground,” a report on UNHCR country offices

This research is intended to offer tools to the Venezuelan human rights movement, to other civil society organizations, and to States who have an interest in the establishment of a UNHCR office in Venezuela.
Protest Colombia

Supreme Court of Justice protects the right to protest against police violence

The Supreme Court of Justice of Colombia protected the right of all people to demonstrate and the duty of the authorities to “ward off, prevent and punish the systematic, violent and arbitrary intervention of the public force in demonstrations and protests.”


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International Humanitarian Law and Victims of Child Recruitment as Targets of an Attack

An interpretation of the spirit of IHL, manifested in the principles of military necessity and humanity, as well as the IHRL standards applicable to children, should always prohibit the State from causing excessive death or injury. There is nothing more excessive than killing recruited children —vulnerable, discriminated against, and abandoned by the State— in order to gain a military advantage that could have been achieved through other means.

The Duque Government Before the United Nations: A Zero in Conduct

Above all of this disorder, something remains constant: the Duque government’s decided interest to weaken international supervision of human rights not only in the Interamerican system, but also in the United Nations.

Digital Transitions in Transitional Justice

The digitalization of transitional justice should not be seen as a long-term solution, as it can never replace the visceral dynamics of in-person human interaction and emotion, both essential in transitional justice processes.

We believe that empowered communities imbued in a culture of inclusiveness, and stronger, more rights-focused institutions can ignite virtuous cycles of community engagement, policy reform, and accountability.  We work to strengthen the rule of law and the voice of the Global South, empower vulnerable and marginalized communities, and combat inequality with a human rights focus.

Our teams work in seven thematic areas, nationally and internationally.



We work to guarantee the right to equality. Our areas of focus are Ethnic and Racial Discrimination, and Gender Discrimination.



Drug Policy

We work to incorporate a human rights and public health focus into existing drug policies, with both an international and a national focus.


Economic Justice

We address issues of economic justice through our work in economic, social and cultural rights (ESCR), with our focus on justiciability and tax policy, and with our work in Business and Human Rights.



Environmental Justice

We combine research and activism to protect the right to a healthy environment through the promotion of public participation in environmental decision making, sustainable territorial planning, and a human rights approach to climate change impacts.



Judicial System

We contribute expertise and seek to influence the design and provision of judicial services and the protection of Constitutional and other legal rights.



Rule of Law

Our areas of focus are: Strengthening Institutions & Independent Judicial Systems; Freedom of Expression, and Privacy, Intelligence & Access to Information.



Transitional Justice

We focus on the rights of victims to truth, justice, reparation and reconciliation in Colombia, with an international perspective, which we bring through case studies of constitutional transitions in other regions and countries.


Dejusticia is an action-research center for legal and social studies. We believe that academic research can be committed to social justice and that our direct advocacy can be enriched by rigorous research.  We are multidisciplinary and unafraid to experiment with multiple tools to effect change. 

We have five cross-cutting teams, which work across all issue areas, just as issue areas collaborate with all cross-cutting teams. 



We develop, present and follow up on our own cases presented before the High Courts of Colombia. We also intervene, assist in or file amicus curiae in existing cases before Courts in Colombia, other countries, or before Commission or the Court in the Inter-American System.


Global South & North Collaborations

Coordinated by our Internationalization area, we seek to produce concrete changes in the practice and framing of human rights at the international level by amplifying the voice of the Global South to encourage the global human rights movement to be more diverse in ideas, debates and practices, and by fortifying the global human rights movement through collaboration, expertise and experience sharing, capacity-building and education, etc.



We design and provide human rights education and capacity-building opportunities in a variety of formats—from online resources to workshops and conferences—to amplify the work of Global South advocates and assist academics, judges, policy designers and communities who seek to improve human rights conditions.



We work with all teams to identify themes, specific objectives, messages, and audiences, and to propose tools and develop effective language for greater impact. We are also journalists, and publish long form journalism in various news outlets.


We promote positive social change by producing rigorous studies and research-based policy proposals.  Publications are coordinated by our Operational Support area.


Partner Websites & Blogs

Dejusticia has launched multiple initiatives that have become stand-alone projects. This is part of our work to strengthen the voice of the Global South and provide useful tools for diverse communities.

THE ROAD TO PEACE A web resource by Dejusticia to contribute to the implementation of the peace process in Colombia Image: Beau Rogers GLOBAL RIGHTS BLOG A Global South perspective on human rights debates South Africa: Marakele Nat'l Park Star Trails (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) THE HUMAN RIGHTS IMPACTS OF COAL IN THE GLOBAL SOUTH THE ROAD TO PEACE A web resource by Dejusticia to contribute to the implementation of the peace process in Colombia Image: Beau Rogers PRIOR CONSULTATION information center OBSERVATORY OF RACIAL DISCRIMINATION CARE PALLIATIVE AND HUMAN RIGHTS IN THE AMERICAS Amphibious Accounts Human Rights Stories from the Global South

Special Reports


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