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We call for every effort to be made to end the 16-year siege of Gaza and to actively support a political process leading to a peaceful solution. | EFE

5 urgent actions to solve the serious humanitarian crisis in Palestine

Together with 185 international civil society actors, we call on senior officials of the UN, the European Union and the International Committee of the Red Cross to exert all possible pressure on the Israeli government to end the siege of Gaza.

Por: DejusticiaOctober 21, 2023

A group of 185 organizations and other international civil society actors, including Dejusticia, signed a letter led by the Landscapes of Hope initiative in which we call on senior officials of multilateral and humanitarian agencies to make every effort to end the 16-year siege of Gaza and to actively support a political process leading to a just and lasting peace in Palestine.

Below is the content of the letter:

Petition by civil society organizations addressed to:

The UN Secretary General
The Speaker of the EU Parliament
The EU President
The Secretary General of the International Committee for the Red Cross

Over the past few days, the Gaza strip, one of the most densely populated places in the world
and home to more than 2.2 million Palestinians living in 365 square meters, of which more than
half are children, has been under a massive military onslaught by the Israeli army. Gaza’s
population, which has been under a tight and suffocating siege for nearly 17 years, is largely made up
of Palestinian refugees displaced from Israel’s crawling occupation. So far, more than 2,500 people
have been killed, untold thousands injured, more than half a million forcibly displaced, including
artists, writers and civil society leaders, and whole neighborhoods wiped out and flattened under
heavy and indiscriminate Israeli bombardment. Israel has cut off all basic supplies including food,
water, and fuel. Internet services were cut off on Friday as Israeli soldiers prepare a land invasion
of the strip which they have been blockading from the sea, air and land for nearly two decades.

This siege is preventing emergency humanitarian supplies that have been positioned on the
Egyptian side of the border from entering. Hospitals are rapidly running out of supplies as
international aid agencies are sounding alarm bells and warning that clear water and essential
foodstuffs are running dangerously short endangering a whole people.
If not immediately addressed, the unfolding situation will result in one of the worst humanitarian
crises the world has seen in decades. We call on all those around the world who believe in the
basic tenets of humanity and justice to act now to help put a stop to this catastrophic humanitarian

Nothing justifies the collective punishment of an entire population – of which the majority are
children – and the limitless attacks on the Gaza Strip targeting Palestinian civilians, forcibly
displacing them one more time, bombing their homes, schools and hospitals and destroying their
infrastructure. We grieve for all civilian lives lost and fear for the lives of all under imminent threat;
no civilians should ever be targeted.

We are now requesting that you put all possible pressure on the Israeli government to
take the following measures:

– Immediately and without delay, open all crossing points to the Gaza Strip to
allow all forms of humanitarian aid.
– Restore fuel supply, electricity, water supply and communications to Gaza.
– Allow forcibly displaced people to safely go back to their homes.
– Accept an immediate humanitarian ceasefire.

We are also asking you to exert all necessary efforts to end the 16-year long siege
of Gaza, and to actively endorse a political process that would lead to a
sustainable and just peace in Palestine.

We hope that our voices as representatives of civil society worldwide will be heard and
that the lives of civilians in the Gaza Strip will be spared.

If you or your organization would like to sign our press release, please sign here


This organizations: 

17 Mayıs LGBTQ+ Association Turkey
Acting Out: Voices from the Theatre in Palestine France/East Jerusalem
Action for Hope Belgium
Al Rafedina for Development Iraq
Aljumhuriya collective Germany
Ambulante Mexico
Antalya Feminist ​Collective Turkey
Arab Digital Expression Berlin e.V. Germany
Arab Digital Expression Foundation Egypt
Aradiba Culture Project Sudan
Artas Foundation Switzerland
Associazione Oltre…APS Italy
Bassra Injaz Foundation for development Iraq
Bodrum Women’s Solidarity Association Turkey
Book Forum Foundation Iraq
Bur​Hak Animals Right Center Turkey
CEECCNA Collaborative Fund Central and Eastern Europe, Caucasus, and Central and North Asia
Centro de Estudios de Derecho, Justicia y Sociedad -Dejusticia Colombia
Codhez Venezuela
ConArte Mexico
Counterpoints Arts United Kingdom
Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre United Kingdom
Cultural Survival USA
Dancing on the Edge Netherlands
Dawlaty Lebanon
Democracy for the Arab World Now (DAWN) USA
Digital Empowerment Foundation India
Digital Rights Foundation Pakistan Spain
Douzan Art and Culture Syria
Equality Studies Association Turkey
Ettijahat Independent Culture Belgium / Lebanon
Fadaat Foundation for Development Yemen
Fanni Raghman Anni Tunisia
Fethiye Women Solidarity Association ((Kadın Dayanışma Derneğ) Turkey
Fondation Marius Jacob
Fundación Al Fanar para el Conocimiento Árabe Spain
Guerrilla Foundation Germany
Haki Nawiri Afrika Kenya
Haringey Welcome United Kingdom
Hessa6 Libya
Hiša! Association for People and Places Slovenia
Hope and Aid Direct United Kingdom
Human Rights Association- Ankara Turkey
In Place of War UK and Global
Jabuti Theatre Scotland
Jihan Seman Center Syria
Kadının İnsan Hakları İçin Kadınlar (Women for Women’s Human Rights) Turkey
Kaos GL Associatiom Turkey
Karwan e Mohabbat India
Kırmızı Biber Women’s Association (Kırmızı Biber Kadın Derneği) Turkey
Koza Women Association Turkey
L’Art Rue Tunisia
Magamba Network Zimbabwe
Mandala Theatre Company UK
Marsa Foundation Netherlands
Megawra – Built Environment Collective Egypt
Monstress Mess Kollektiv Germany
Nedkopplat – Swedish podcast Stockholm
New Theatre Institute of Latvia Latvia
Noon for Studies, Research and Documentation Sudan
On Ekim Dayanışması Turkey
Open Art Space Syria
Oyoun Berlin Germany
Racial Equity in Journalism Fund, Borealis Philanthropy USA
Reclaim The Sea United Kingdom
Sable & Chaux Switzerland
SH|FT Sweden and global
Shashat – Tunisian Association for Cinema and Culture Tunisia
Silva Turkey
Stereo for Arts and Culture Palestine
Sudan Film Factory Sudan
Syrian Center for Policy Research Syria
Teatringestazione Italy
The Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression Egypt
The Oslo Documentary Cinema (Oslo Dokumentarkino) Norway
The Ultimate Picture Palace UK
The William Gomes Podcast United Kingdom
Udjenza Malta
Unga Klara – Sweden national stage for young audiences
Unlock the Chains Collective UK
Untold Stories e.V. Germany
Zusa – art of collaboration Germany


This individuals: 

Marie Paglinghi Greece
Abigail Gibson UK
Aenan Mohamed Abdel Dafea Ibrahim Sudan
Agnes Kofoed Christianson Stockholm, Sweden
Agneta Fagerström Olsson Sweden/Jordan
Aine Crowley Ireland
Al Hady Al Shawaf Sudan
Amy Enticknap, Artistic Director, Human Story Theatre UK
Anas Younes Syria
April De Angelis
Arifa Akbar UK
Ása Richardsdóttir Iceland
Athanasia Kanellopoulou Greece
Basma El Husseiny Egypt
Bassel Amin Monser Yemen
Bek berger Australia / Latvia
Catherine Sykes UK
Damien Toumi France
Despina Panagiotopoulou Greece
Elif Dila Ergenekon Turkey
Elliot Colbert USA
Fairooz Tamimi Sweden/Jordan
Farah AlHAddad UK
Farai Monro Zimbabwe
Fatma Othamn Mohamed Mostafa Sudan
Fiona Yuill UK
Ghassan Rahal Lebanon
Goran Tomka Serbia
Hamam Al Mortada Libya
Hamdi Al Jouini Tunisia
Hanane Hajali Lebanon
Harsh Mander India
Hatan Abo Bakr Alhaj Sudan
Henrik Dahl, actor/director Sweden
Hosam Althani Libya
Idris Ekla Morocco
Ina Riedel Germany
Ivko Sesic, Serbia
Jan Gossens Belgium/Tunisia
Jo Ross UK
John King; freelance composer/musician New York City, USA
Jotham Sietsma Germany
Kate O’ Shea Ireland
Kelley Buhles Switzerland
Kholoud Eissa Egypt
Laila Hourani Syria/Palestine
Lamiaa Abdeldaiem Egypt
Laraine Kaizer-Viazovtsev Finland
Lucy Ellinson UK
Lucy Nabijou UK
Lydia Buchner Italy
Maja Pegan Slovenia
Mansoor Al Hajj Yemen
Mariam Metwally Egypt
Mary Ann DeVlieg Italy
Matt Jennings Northern Ireland
Milan Đorđević, Serbia
Milena Dragicevic Sesic, Serbia
Mohamed Abo Kasim Mahjoub Libya
mohamed Osman Ali Sudan
Mohammed Afridi United Kingdom
Mohammed Bassaleh Morroco
Moni Awolesi USA
Mostafa Abd Elghani Egypt
Motaz Abdel Halim Sayed Ahmad Sudan
Mya Fraser UK
Nan van Houte Netherlands
Natasha Badhwar India
Natasja van ‘t Westemde Netherlands
Nelly Abboud Lebanon
Petar Cigic Serbia
Quim Bigas Spain/Denmark
Ranwa Yehia Egypt
Rayya El Zein United States
Richard A Castilla Sippli Brazil
Rita Chadha UK
Roberta Ruggiero Italia
Roger Wilson UK
Rolf Christianson Stockholm
Safaa Mohamed Jawad Aldahy Iraq
Saga Björklund Jönsson Sweden
Sarah Clément France / Spain
Seerat Khan Pakistan
Selma Ouissi Tunisia
Serhan Ada Turkey
Shama Alrashid Babikr Mostafa Sudan
Sofiane Ouissi Tunisia
Sonja Jankov, Serbia
Stacco Troncoso Spain
Stefania Facco Italy
Stella Loretsyan Armenia
Suroor Mander, India
Tareq Omar Andallah Mohamed Sudan
Trevor Richard Wells Italy
Ulrike Zomorrodian Austria
Ulrike Zomorrodian Austria
Višnja Kisić, Serbia
William Nicholas Gomes, United Kingdom
Yasmin Abdel Azim Al Saeed Sudan
YotA Tsotra Switzerland



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