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Dejusticia has created an international fellowships program in solidarity with the human rights movement that allows defenders in high-risk situations to continue their human rights work in a safe space. | EFE

Do you want to be part of Dejusticia? We extend the deadline for you to apply for our Global South fellowships 2024

This opportunity, for the second semester of 2024, allows human rights defenders in a country of the Global South – in emergency or high-risk situations – to develop their projects and participate in an academic and cultural exchange in a safe space. Apply before February 16.

Por: January 5, 2024

If you belong to an organization working for the defense of human rights in the Global South and, due to your advocacy, communication, and research activities, have been subjected to high risks or repression by the government and other actors, this opportunity is for you. Dejusticia has created an international fellowships program in solidarity with the human rights movement that allows you to continue your human rights work in a safe space.

Apply for one of the positions in our international fellowships program for the Global South for the second semester of 2024. This call is open until Frebuary 16, providing applicants with the opportunity to access further training and reflect, amid constant cultural exchange, on issues such as social and environmental justice worldwide, aiming to inspire new transformative strategies, approaches, and actions as a team.

We seek to build lasting relationships both with the fellows and their organizations so that collaborations can continue after they have returned to their countries. This ensures that the fellow do not become ends in themselves but serve as accelerator nodes for connections that will make the movement more integrated, tighter, and impactful on the most critical issues for the Global South.

What profiles are we looking for?

Human rights defenders from the Global South with the ability to exchange knowledge and experiences with Dejusticia researchers. Additionally, they must be willing to learn and manage spaces for dialogue and learning with other members of their host team, as well as the willingness to continue working with Dejusticia after the fellowship to co-create joint research/incidence/training collaborations.

You can find specific details about the profiles we are looking for in this brochure.

What do we offer?

Fellowships for 3 to 6 months, during which fellows will support Dejusticia’s work. Participants will develop their own project with our organization and can allocate part of the time to continue remotely strengthening the work of their original organization.

Dejusticia will cover travel expenses (visa, tickets) and provide a monthly stipend based on the person’s profile and experience. Although Dejusticia will provide support at the beginning of the process, where during the first two weeks of work a training space will be provided on amphibious research and on their work, it is important to highlight that the chosen persons will be responsible for managing their stipend to meet their housing, transportation and food needs.

How to apply?

The call will be open until February 16, 2024 (11:59 P.M., UTC -05:00). To apply, please fill out the following form and include:

  • A Cover Letter (max. 2 pages) that contains a brief description of his/her profile, describes his/her background, and indicates the period of availability, the Dejusticia research team/area in which he/she is interested in working, and the commitment to explore joint research/incidence/training collaborations after the fellowship is completed.
  • CV that includes your proficiency in English and/or Spanish.
  • A Letter of institutional support (for individuals, this letter can come from an organization/community that can attest to your contribution to the human rights movement).
  • A one-page proposal for a project to be carried out during the fellowship. The proposal can include videos, blogs, articles, book chapters, or other content that communicates the context of your work in the Global South human rights movement.

What areas at Dejusticia do we offer fellowships in?

  • Economic Justice Line
  • Tax Justice Line
  • Farming and Land Line
  • Technology, Transparency, and Human Rights Line
  • Transitional Justice Line
  • Strategic Litigation Area
  • International Area
  • School D
  • Editorial Team

For detailed descriptions, profiles, and functions of each team, refer to the call for applications brochure.

Who are we?

The Center of Study on Law, Justice and Society (Dejusticia) is a non-profit organization based in Bogotá, Colombia that works to strengthen the rule of law and promote human rights in the country and in the Global South. We are a think tank that combines rigorous research and strategic activism, with a single objective: achieving social transformations. Our research is based on our direct activism and advocacy (through campaigns, litigation, education and training); as in the evidence we gather and the analysis we carry out through our interaction with the communities and legal subjects with whom we work. This “research-action” methodology is the pillar of our work as an organization. We work collaboratively, building networks at national, regional and global levels, with a view to strengthening voices from the Global South on the issues we work on.

Application Form – ACCESS HERE

Brochure with the details of this call for applications – DOWNLOAD HERE


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