Disclosing public servants’ private interests: A powerful but unexploited anti-corruption tool

By María Paula Ángel | January 14, 2019

Both the legislation and the case law of other countries have made considerable efforts to exploit the potential of the disclosure of private interests of public servants as an anti-corruption tool. In contrast, Colombia has yet to adopt these reforms and judicial pronouncements.

La Universidad Pública: An Institution Worth Saving

By Lucas Paulson | November 20, 2018

We are being asked to define the purpose of education. Is it simply to reproduce and reward already vested and privileged interests? Or, is the purpose of education to invest in equity, in accessibility, in enriching our societies and our lives through knowledge, discovery and community?

Cambio climático, medio ambiente

25 Voices against Deforestation: Finalists for the Children’s Climate Prize

The prize, which was awarded this 20th of November in Stockholm (Sweden), sought to highlight youth-led initiatives across the globe aimed at confronting the challenge of climate change.

Learn more about the lawsuit


Climate change lawsuit: from theory to action

Dejusticia and the Ministry of Environment met with government agencies, academia, and civil society to build together a path forward to comply with the Court's orders to stop deforestation in the Amazon.
Tutela Merged

25 Voices Against Deforestation

From 17 cities around Colombia, these boys, girls, and young adults between the ages of 7 and 26 were the impetus for the First Lawsuit on Climate Change and the Future Generations of Latin America.

Here is how litigation for the planet won in Colombia

The lawyer for the 25 children and youth who won the lawsuit on deforestation and climate change in the Amazon narrates the case and analyzes the subsequent steps to implement the historic ruling of the Supreme Court.

Help us build the Intergenerational Pact for the Amazon

The government and the 25 children and young people who filed a lawsuit to stop deforestation in the Amazon and tackle climate change must now create a plan to achieve this goal. Everyone can join the effort to protect this ecosystem.
Diana Rodriguez - Helena Duran - Columna - Amazonia

The Amazon is burning

Part of the solution lies in achieving greater effective control in the territory and economic incentives aligned with conservation. There is not a reason or actor that is single-handedly responsible for what is happening. And although neither the burning nor deforestation are totally new, today they are out of control.

Amazon, subject of rights

Recognizing that the Amazon has rights means that all citizens, regardless of whether you are from the region, can demand its protection—even before the courts.
Acción global

In historic ruling, Colombian Court protects youth suing the national government for failing to curb deforestation

The Supreme Court of Justice ordered the protection of the Colombian Amazon from deforestation, ruling in favor of a group of 25 children and youth, who with the support of Dejusticia, sued the Colombian government for failing to protect their rights to life and a healthy environment.

Litigation, science, and global warming

With the “science of attribution,” the Supreme Court of Justice has in its hands the strongest scientific basis by which to decide the lawsuit brought by 25 young people in the coming days. Con la “ciencia de la atribución” la Corte Suprema de Justicia tendrá en sus manos las bases científicas más sólidas para decidir la tutela de los 25 jóvenes en los próximos días.

Columbia University climate scientist supports climate change litigation case in Colombia

Scientist Dr. James E. Hansen, a global expert on climate change, submitted an amicus brief supporting the climate change case Dejusticia filed alongside 25 children and young people who are suing the Colombian government for failing to stop deforestation in the Amazon region.
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