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Colombian Democracy in the Streets

By Vivian Newman Pont | May 25, 2021

Confronted with the violence in the protests, the government and political leaders, as well as social leaders, must first promote the de-escalation, putting human rights at the center of the crisis management.

From Snow Angels to a Humanitarian Emergency

By Dejusticia | March 2, 2021

If States like Texas with ample means to tackle climate change fail to do so, the world as a whole fails given that the planet loses momentum in the collective effort to become more resilient against this phenomenon.

Amazon, Colombia

The Colombian government has failed to fulfill the Supreme Court’s landmark order to protect the Amazon

One year ago, the Colombian Supreme Court declared the Colombian Amazon a subject of rights, ordering the government to take measures to preserve it by curbing deforestation. However, the government has not taken sufficient action; meanwhile, threats to the rainforest continue to grow.

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Amazon, subject of rights

Recognizing that the Amazon has rights means that all citizens, regardless of whether you are from the region, can demand its protection—even before the courts.
Acción global

In historic ruling, Colombian Court protects youth suing the national government for failing to curb deforestation

The Supreme Court of Justice ordered the protection of the Colombian Amazon from deforestation, ruling in favor of a group of 25 children and youth, who with the support of Dejusticia, sued the Colombian government for failing to protect their rights to life and a healthy environment.

Litigation, science, and global warming

With the “science of attribution,” the Supreme Court of Justice has in its hands the strongest scientific basis by which to decide the lawsuit brought by 25 young people in the coming days. Con la “ciencia de la atribución” la Corte Suprema de Justicia tendrá en sus manos las bases científicas más sólidas para decidir la tutela de los 25 jóvenes en los próximos días.

Columbia University climate scientist supports climate change litigation case in Colombia

Scientist Dr. James E. Hansen, a global expert on climate change, submitted an amicus brief supporting the climate change case Dejusticia filed alongside 25 children and young people who are suing the Colombian government for failing to stop deforestation in the Amazon region.

The Inspector General’s Office intervened to support our legal action on climate change

The delegate for environmental issues supports the legal action by 25 young people and claims that the Government does not have a clear policy to stop deforestation, the main cause behind the warming of the country's average temperatures.

Eight key points of the first Latin American lawsuit on the rights of future generations and climate change

Deforestation in the Colombian Amazon (the most biodiverse region in the world) violates the right of colombian children and youth to enjoy a healthy environment. Given that all ecosystems are interconnected, deforestation in the Amazon not only affects those living in the region, but also elsewhere in Colombia.
Grupo de accionantes y su representante César Rodríguez

Colombian Youth File the First Climate Change Lawsuit in Latin America

25 young people are demanding the government halts deforestation.
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