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Colombian lawyers reject Constituent Assembly in Venezuela

Through a letter, lawyers point out that this initiative, which will take place this Sunday, July 30th, is unconstitutional and essentially an arbitrary decision by Nicolas Maduro’s government.

Por: DejusticiaJuly 28, 2017

This is the message that a group of Colombian researchers, professors and ex-judges put forward in a public letter, replicating similar initiatives by constitutionalists from other Latin American countries. In the letter, the signatories detail what are the unconstitutionality flaws of this initiative.


“Lo hacemos tanto por un sentido del deber profesional y ético, como por razones de solidaridad con los colegas académicos y juristas y los sectores sociales venezolanos que vienen denunciando las irregularidades de la Constituyente, en medio de circunstancias políticas graves y profundamente preocupantes”, señalan los firmantes.

Foto: Efecto Eco – Wikimedia Commons

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