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Business and Human Rights: New responses to ensure Human Rights are guaranteed in corporate activities

A course on Business and Human Rights organized by Dejusticia

This is a course organized by Dejusticia that seeks to explore a repertoire of possibilities to advance human rights protection and corporate accountability through mechanisms such as international treaties, direct negotiation, campaign, and advocacy. The course combines doctrine, practice, and strategies to implement human rights protections in the context of business activities. Participants from different sectors, including business, the academe, civil society, civil servants, and media are welcome.

Course Description

The course offers an intensive introduction to key concepts and emergent jurisprudence in the field of business and human rights. It will tackle treaty processes, the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and institutional implementation mechanisms. Building on doctrinal foundation, the course then allows students to simulate case studies, experiment with campaign design and negotiation strategies, and explore the broader spectrum of tools to implement human rights protections in the context of business activities.

Course Objectives

Through the course, participants are expected to learn the fundamentals of international instruments for the protection of human rights, as well as practical skills to deal with corporations when their activities threaten or violate these rights. These skills include campaign design, effective negotiation, direct action, and leveraging international networks and fora.

Teaching Methods

We will combine theory and practice to give participants a holistic understanding of what it means to seek accountability for human rights impacts of corporate activities. We will work with case studies and practical activities that complement doctrines; experiment with collaborative problem solving methodologies like design thinking; have immersive negotiation workshops based on real negotiation experiences to provide an intensive introduction to fundamental negotiation methods.

Through simulations, seminars, and activities with a focus on “learning by doing,” we will combine a variety of tools, considering barriers to implementation of human rights protections in the context of business activities, obstacles to effective remedies, and the importance of understanding supply chains and funding sources in order to design human rights protection strategies.

Application Procedure

This course is open to social activists and leaders with experience or interest in business and human rights; law students; graduate students in areas related to human rights; and public servants, judges, and other professionals interested in business and human rights.

Prior knowledge about business and human rights is helpful but not required. Experience in human rights, international advocacy or activism in related contexts, such as environmental activism, anti-corruption, etc., is welcome.

Interested persons must fill out the application form and send their résumé (2 pages maximum) in PDF format to [email protected]

June 3 – 7, 2019

Deadline to submit an application:
March 31, 2019


Tuition for this course is

$ 950.00 per participant.

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