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Dejusticia launches virtual platform for its alumni

We know how important it is to strengthen the links between activists and members of civil society organizations that participate in our academic and training activities, so we present: ‘Dejusticia Connect’.

Por: June 27, 2018

In Dejusticia, we are convinced that facilitating new connections between activists, lawyers and members of civil society organizations that participate in our courses can help us build a collaborative community.

For this reason we launched ”Dejusticia Connect‘, a virtual platform that seeks to strengthen the alliances that arise during the courses, workshops and learning events we offer. In this way we seek to facilitate new connections between participants of different cohorts. The platform allows access to contacts and mentoring (directory), publish job opportunities or internships (jobs) and organize forums on related topics (groups), among other activities.

We hope our alumni will take advantage of this service in a creative way to strengthen this new global human rights community.

The entire student community has free and open access to the platform. ”Dejusticia Connect‘ is bilingual (English and Spanish), however, registration is enabled in English only.

If you have questions or ideas to take advantage of the platform, you can find us: Archana Pandya-English ([email protected]) or Camila Soto-Spanish ([email protected]).

We invite you to explore the platform here.

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