6th Global Action-Research Workshop for Global South Activists

By DejusticiaMarch 26, 2018

Come back to Colombia to reimagine the future of human rights! Dejusticia invites Global Workshop alumni to apply for its Sixth Annual Global Action-Research Workshop, to be held in Colombia July 28-August 3, 2018.


The theme of Dejusticia’s sixth annual Global Action-Research Workshop in 2018 will be the future of human rights. Dejusticia invites applications from alumni of previous Global Action-Research Workshops (2013-2017) who are interested in a collaborative workshop on this theme. Approximately fifteen applicants will be selected to participate in the Workshop. The sixth annual Workshop will take place from July 28-August 3 in Bogotá and Colombia’s coffee region, combining intensive writing workshops with collective sessions to rethink and reimagine the human rights movement.

Dejusticia’s Global Action-Research Workshop seeks to ensure that the new generation of Global South human rights advocates has a strong voice in international discussions. An important challenge for these young advocates is how to increase their influence in international human rights debates. High quality research coming from the Global South on human rights issues is critically important. In recognition of this, and of the need for young advocates to build research and writing skills to address pressing problems in their respective countries, Dejusticia holds an annual Action-Research Workshop directed at young advocates. The objectives are to train these young professionals to effectively design, conduct, and write action-oriented research, as well as communicate their findings in diverse forms. Dejusticia provides ongoing mentorship for participants to work on a research project and publication of their design after they return to their home countries.

The goal of the Workshop is to further strengthen the writing and advocacy skills of the participants, their contribution to their organizations, and their collective contributions to the international human rights movement. Additionally, the 2018 Workshop will be carried out with the aim of advancing creative, collaborative thinking about the future of the human rights movement’s vision and methods. Texts produced by the participants will be published as part of Dejusticia’s broader project to document the perspectives of the new generation of human rights advocates. The Workshop will also provide a forum to continue strengthening the alumni network once participants return home. The Workshop’s structure will include intensive writing workshops and group discussion sessions. Workshop content will focus on writing and communication of results of action-oriented research in this field, as well as collaborative problem-solving focused on prospective thinking and imagination.

Participant Profile

Dejusticia invites applicants from advocates who are alumni of previous Global Action-Research Workshops (2013-2017). Applicants should have completed the writing requirement for the Workshop in which they participated. For 2017 alumni, applicants should have completed or have substantial progress toward their draft. Applicants should be interested in further improving their writing and advocacy skills and reaching broader audiences with their publications.


Travel, lodging, workshop materials, and meals will be covered for all participants. The funds for the Workshop and the project it forms part of are made possible by the generous support of the Ford Foundation.

Application Requirements

To apply to the Dejusticia Global Action-Research Workshop for Young Human Rights Advocates, please send the following: 1. A letter of nomination from the institution with which the applicant is currently affiliated. This letter should state the name of the applicant and the affiliation the applicant has with the organization (i.e. lawyer, advocate, researcher, etc.). 2. Written responses to the following questions (please attach as Word, pdf, or text document): a. Why are you interested in participating in a second Global Action-Research Workshop? b. What type of human rights issues are you currently working on? How has this work changed since your last participation in a Global Action-Research Workshop? c. What is your vision for the future of the human rights movement? Please include in your reply both an assessment of where the movement is currently, and the changes you might envision for its future. 3. Curriculum Vita/Resume (please attach as Word, pdf, or text document)

All materials should be sent via email to Ana María Ramírez at [email protected] by April 13, 2018.

Download full document here

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