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Extractivism versus human rights: chronicles of the mined fields in the Global South

This book and Dejusticia’s initiative that originated it propose a new type of human rights approach that is characterized by three traits. First, it is about reflective writing whose authors are the very own activists that work directly in the organizations on the ground and stop to think about the potential, achievements and challenges of their knowledge and practice.

A second component of the genre that this book proposes is narrative writing. In part because of the dominance of legal language and knowledge in the realm of human rights, the writing that is most common in this field is that of technical reports and legal briefs.

Third, the stories come from the Global South, from the countries and regions that have been more commonly objects of study and producers of the knowledge and authors of the decisions made in human rights.

The authors of the studies are researchers-activists from Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. All of them belong to human rights organizations based in the Global South and write from those geographic and professional perspectives, seeking to enrich the global dialogue about the future of human rights.

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