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We offer fellowships of three to six months for human rights defenders from the Global South to support Dejusticia in our work, develop their own project with our organization, and continue to strengthen the work of their home organizations. | EFE

Get involved! Our fellowship program for human rights defenders from the Global South is now open!

If you belong to an organization that defends human rights in a country in the Global South that is in an emergency or high risk context, we invite you to participate in our fellowship program so that, with our support, you can develop your projects.

Por: DejusticiaFebruary 23, 2022

The closure of civic spaces has strengthened the need for international human rights actors to support one another’s work and amplify each one’s voice in the global arena. In solidarity with the human rights movement, Dejusticia has developed a fellowship program to support human rights defenders of the Global South who, because of their work, have been subjected to elevated risk from repressive actions by governments and other actors. 

Through the fellowship program, we offer the fellows respite from the difficult contexts in which they work, time to reflect on and retool their strategies and approaches, the opportunity to receive financial support especially in cases where international funding has been cut off by their governments, and access to our research facilities and our researchers. The goal is to empower them and allow provide a safe space to be more effective in the work they do at home. 


That is why we are looking for human rights defenders from the Global South who:

– Are linked to a human rights organization or research center in the Global South.

– Are working in emergency or high-risk contexts in places where there is armed conflict, civil unrest, authoritarian government or governments with authoritarian tendencies.

– They have the ability to work in English or Spanish.

– Are available to work with Dejusticia for a period of three to six months.

– Are willing to collaborate with Dejusticia’s research team. 

– Are committed to continue working with Dejusticia after the end of the Fellowship period.

What do we offer?

Fellowships of three to six months for human rights defenders from the Global South to support Dejusticia in our work, develop their own project with our organization, and continue to strengthen the work of their home organizations. 

Dejusticia will cover all travel expenses and give a monthly stipend based on the person’s profile and experience.

How to apply:

The call for applications will be open until March 20, 2022 at 23:59 (Bogota time). 

To apply, please fill out the following form which contains:

– Letter of motivation indicating the period of availability, the Dejusticia research area in which you are interested and a commitment to explore joint research/advocacy/training collaborations after the fellowship is completed.

– Resume including level of English and Spanish language proficiency.

– Letter of institutional support (for independents, this letter may come from an organization/community that can attest to your contribution to the movement).

– One-page proposal for a project to be carried out during the fellowship. This may include videos, blogs, articles, book chapters, or other products that communicate the context of your work to the human rights movement in the Global South.

In which areas of Dejusticia do we have fellowships opportinitie?

– Communications Area

– Regionalization Area

– International Area

– School D

– Environmental Justice

– Economic Justice

– Ethnic-Racial Justice

– Fiscal Justice

– Land and Peasantry

To learn more about the applicant profile we are looking for in each line, download this PDF with the call for applications. 

What is Dejusticia?

The Center for Law, Justice and Society (Dejusticia) is a Colombia-based non-profit organization working to strengthen the rule of law and promote human rights in Colombia and across the Global South. We are a think-do tank that combines rigorous research and strategic activism, an innovative approach that makes our work both challenging and exciting. Our research is informed by our activism, and our direct advocacy (through campaigns, litigation, education, and capacity building) is based on the evidence we gather and analysis we conduct through our research. This overarching methodology of “action- research” guides our work as an organization. Learn more about us at our site. 



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