We organize courses and workshops to train activists, community leaders and young professionals from different disciplines who are interested in developing new career paths and obtaining the necessary tools to protect the rights of vulnerable sectors, regardless of their initial training.

We aim to create and maintain a Global South community that will be constantly nourished by our work and the work of our students, representing a solid, informed and experienced voice of the Global South.

Until June 15: Second Global Workshop for Indigenous Leaders

Dejusticia and the Observatory on Racial Discrimination opens their call to the Second Global Workshop on Human Rights Strategies for Indigenous Leaders in the Global South. The workshop will be held in Colombia in December 2018. The call for proposals is open until June 15th.
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Business & Human Rights: doctrine, practice, and strategy

This course focuses on doctrine, practice and strategies for the implementation of human rights protections in the context of business activities.  The course offers an intensive introduction to key concepts and emergent jurisprudence in the field.
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6th Global Action-Research Workshop for Global South Activists

Come back to Colombia to reimagine the future of human rights! Dejusticia invites Global Workshop alumni to apply for its Sixth Annual Global Action-Research Workshop, to be held in Colombia July 28-August 3, 2018.
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2017 Intensive Course on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

The Intensive Course on Social Rights opens its application process, open until August 15, 2017. The course, which will be taught from October 23 to 27, 2017 in Bogota, offers advanced training on litigation, research, jurisprudence and innovative strategies for implementing social rights.
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What is amphibious training?

Dejusticia’s action-research workshops were born from a sense of the need for a pedagogical space for young human rights advocates from the Global South to deepen their research and writing skills and build South-South connections, as well as increase the visibility of their work and writing outside their home countries. In addition, it was premised on the importance of developing space to think about and tools to realize action-research, in the broad sense of simultaneous participation in engaged, rigorous research and political action. Learn more here.

Teaching Materials

To complement our educational and training activities, we develop teaching materials that rely on our research projects, presenting them in a variety of formats to increase their accessibility. The aim is to educate and increase awareness among diverse audiences. For example, in, we developed a database of case studies, which we presented in a variety of formats and media. We use these in our workshops and courses to analyze key practices, tactics and strategies that human rights organizations across different regions of the world have implemented to promote social rights.

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