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What is happening in Peru

What is happening in Peru? The question of difficult answers

Two months after the self-coup and subsequent dismissal of Pedro Castillo, we take stock of what has happened and what are the possible solutions to the critical moment this country is going through.
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Democracy in Brazil

Is Democracy in Brazil at stake?

Following what some consider a coup attempt on January 8, Brazil's federal powers are taking action against the far right. Will they be able to act decisively without undermining the institutions they defend?
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Emergency responses

New Report: Misuse of Technologies in Emergency Responses

Three years after the begin of the Covid-19 pandemic, the ECNL, INCLO, and Privacy International published a report on how states use surveillance technologies to weaken Human Rights within their territories with the excuse of the fight against the virus.
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Are Human Rights Still Effective?

Are Human Rights Still Effective?

In 2018, we brought together activists from 11 Global South countries to reflect on the importance of human rights in contexts where their effectiveness has been questioned. Their conclusions were compiled in the book Reimagining the Future of Human Rights.
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Get involved! Our fellowship program for human rights defenders from the Global South is now open!

If you belong to an organization that defends human rights in a country in the Global South that is in an emergency or high risk context, we invite you to participate in our fellowship program so that, with our support, you can develop your projects.
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Human Rights Venezuela

New Research Report: “The Defense of Human Rights in Venezuela”

This report is the result of an assessment of the obstacles that civil society organizations are facing, as well as their resistance and resilience in their continued defense of human rights.
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of hope

Workshop on creative activism Days of Hope is coming to Caquetá on the 21st of September

Dejusticia, PID Amazonía, the Red Cross Bogotá and Tell are getting together in Florencia to hold the first event of this international initiative that combines art and social mobilization.
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International director

Attention! Job Opportunity at Dejusticia

Dejusticia is seeking a dynamic International Area Director who will both lead and work alongside the team to ensure the efficient functioning of the international area in its multiple tasks.
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