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Human Rights, Democracy, and Development

Human rights are undergoing a transformation. Around the world debates have proliferated regarding human rights discourses, practices, and studies to the point that some speak about "the end of human rights." This context is unlike anything since the beginning of the international human rights system around the mid twentieth century.

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Making Social Rights Real: Implementation Strategies for Courts, Decision Makers and Civil Society

Given the disappointing implementation levels in various countries and across human rights systems, this guide seeks to contribute to the discussion regarding strategies for courts, international decision-makers, and civil society to increase the implementation of ESCR decisions.

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In Search of Rights: Drug Users and Governments Response in Latin America

The Drugs and Rights Studies Collective published a new report that examines government responses to the consumption of illicit drugs in eight countries in Latin America: Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Bolivia.

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This book analyzes the origins, practice, and effects of the right to prior consultation for indigenous peoples.

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Experiences in Latin American Countries on the Investigation of Complex Crimes

In this document we describe some of the experiences in the region's countries regarding the investigation of complex crimes.

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Access to Justice: Cases of Business Human Rights Abuses

Access to justice and effective remedy have become a crucial element in the protection of human rights within the context of business activities, as well as an area of fundamental importance to judges and lawyers who aim to promote the rule of law and human rights.

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Practical Guide of the International System of Protection of Human Rights

The guide is an effort to improve the quality and availability of the information regarding the systems in place to protect human rights. It serves as a reference for individuals interested in the relation of justice, conflict, law and order to human rights.

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The Search for Alternative Economies in Times of Globalization: the Case Study of Informal Recycling in Bogotá

This text examines the potential of supportive economy in the context of globalization, by the way of a case study on the informal recycling cooperatives in Bogotá.

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Expanding the Economic Canon and Searching for Alternatives to Neoliberal Globalization

This introductory chapter theorizes and documents the diverse initiatives of supportive economy and working transnational mobilization that promises of counterhegemonic globalization.

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