We present and follow up on our own cases before the high courts of Colombia and other countries (from Brazil and Peru to Kenya and India), selecting issues in coordination with our issue-based teams.

We intervene, make an appearance as an interested third party, or serve as amicus curiae in existing processes, either independently, in conjunction with similar organizations, or by invitation of the Court.

Internationally, we intervene in processes or cases before the Inter-American Court and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights and, where relevant, in foreign domestic cases that have an international impact.

Our Cases & Interventions

The Constitutional Court has the last word to save the Ciénaga Grande of Santa Marta

The environmental crisis of this ecosystem led fishermen to pursue a legal battle that reached the High Court. In this intervention, we support their demand that environmental authorities take urgent measures to stop the disaster and thus, protect their rights to healthy environment, dignified life and work.

Gender focus in rural reform is important but insufficient

The Gender-in-Peace Working Group -GPAZ, a group of which Dejusticia is a member, took part in the Public Hearing convened by the Constitutional Court, within the framework of the informal constitutional review of Decree 902 of 2017 "to facilitate the implementation of the Comprehensive Rural Reform contemplated in the Final Land Agreement, specifically the procedure for access and formalization and the Land Fund."

Rural reform decree to resolve historic debt with peasants

Terrible conditions in the countryside and lack of access to land are linked to the armed conflict. Point one of the Peace Agreement, which is under study by the Constitutional Court, addresses these issues. Dejusticia presented an intervention supporting most of its content.
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