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We amplify Dejusticia's impact by developing powerful communications strategies, including pedagogical, activist and disruptive communications. We also impact public debates through our journalistic work.

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25 Voices against Deforestation: Finalists for the Children’s Climate Prize

The prize, which was awarded this 20th of November in Stockholm (Sweden), sought to highlight youth-led initiatives across the globe aimed at confronting the challenge of climate change.

Dejusticia seeks a Communications Director

Dejusticia seeks a dynamic Communications Director who will lead the creation of a communications strategy for both Colombia-based and international communications of the organization.

Colombia must obtain resources to guarantee the right to health of Venezuelan migrants: Constitutional Court

The high court protected the right to health of two undocumented Venezuelans and requested the government to advance as "expeditiously and effectively as possible" towards the full realization of migrants' right to health, regardless of their immigration status. Dejusticia intervened in the case.

My Name is Nobody

In Greek mythology, Ulysses, King of Ithaca and strategist who devised the famous Trojan horse, embarks on an epic voyage back to his native land ...

La Universidad Pública: An Institution Worth Saving

On October 10, students, teachers, and administrators crowded through the gates of la Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Bogotá, Colombia’s premier public university (and among ...

The ICC Venezuela Referral and the Tumultuous Shift in Latin American Politics

“Political events like that of today honor the memory of the murdered and restore the hope of justice for the tortured, the political prisoners and ...

Using regulation to repair the mistakes of drug prohibition

By Luis Felipe Cruz Olivera and Ángela María Sánchez* After decades of repressive legislation, marijuana has finally reached the light at the end of the ...

Migrants and Work: Lessons from Lebanon

Lebanon is a country of many contrasts. On its streets you can find women in hijabs walking alongside women in mini-skirts. Buildings filled with bullet ...


On the first day of class, Martha, my fifth-grade teacher, asked who the most important person in society was. We listed the president, firefighters, people ...

Not Pretty in Pink: The Undisclosed Fashions of Farmed Salmon

Choosing seafood on a restaurant menu used to be so easy for me: the first thing to invariably catch my eye would be salmon—either freshly ...

Tongue Twisters of the State

In the age of multiculturalism, many argue that one of the greatest resources a country has is its diversity: that it should be a source ...
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