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We amplify Dejusticia's impact by developing powerful communications strategies, including pedagogical, activist and disruptive communications. We also impact public debates through our journalistic work.

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“Cúcuta: Emergency Exit,” A Special Series at the Frontlines

Dejusticia (Colombia) and Provea (Venezuela) brought together ten journalists from Venezuela and three from Colombia to tell, through seven heartbreaking stories of suffering, sacrifice and hope at the border between the two countries.

Dejusticia launches virtual platform for its alumni

We know how important it is to strengthen the links between activists and members of civil society organizations that participate in our academic and training activities, so we present: 'Dejusticia Connect'.

Dejusticia’s Drug Policy Research Coordinator is the new representative at the International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC)

Isabel Pereira, research coordinator for Drug Policy at Dejusticia, has been elected as the Latin America and Caribbean representative at the Membership Advisory Council of the International Drug Policy Consortium.

Navigating Human Rights in a War-Torn Yemen

By: Osamah Alfakih The state of civil society during the onset of the conflict In early 2011, following the wave of protests that swept through ...

Rethinking the Anti-Poverty Recipe

Today, poverty is one of the leading causes and consequences of human rights violations around the world. In spite of the incredible economic and technological ...

A Chain of Inequalities

Recent decades have seen increasing levels of inequality, as demonstrated by studies like Thomas Piketty’s now-classic Capital in the Twenty-First Century and reports from a ...

Que sea Ley

Women from Argentina have managed to give feminists across the continent a sense of collective euphoria. Seeing streets covered with green bandanas symbolizing the fight ...

Preventing Corporate Intimidation of Rightsholders

At the beginning of 2018, one of the most important information leaks of recent times was revealed: the firm Cambridge Analytica illegitimately obtained information on ...

Nanette, the end of stand-up?

“And that is what happens when you soak one child in shame and give permission to another to hate.” I really like stand-up comedy and ...

“Terms and Conditions May Apply”… depending on where you are

In 2013 Cullen Hoback produced and launched the documentary “Terms and Conditions May Apply” (2013), in which he crumbles the content of the Terms and ...

The New Routinization of Inhumanity: Small Acts of Staggering Consequence

Devoid of context, the first twelve seconds of the video seem to show just some government agents blowing off steam. They kick a few plastic gallons that ...
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