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“Today, even Chavistas are persecuted in Venezuela”: Rafael Uzcátegui

The director of the Venezuelan NGO Provea, who was invited by Dejusticia to visit Colombia, talks about the departure of prosecutor Luisa Ortega and a possible new wave of protests that could reach the main cities in his country.

The civil rights of the families of missing persons need to be protected

Gloria Mansilla and her daughters await the ruling of the Constitutional Court against a ruling that did not allow them to keep a property acquired through a loan, before her husband and father Miguel Angel Diaz disappeared.

Osamah, the Yemeni activist who has not seen reconciliation

El Colombiano, a newspaper in Medellín, interviewed Osama Al Fakih, a human rights defender from Yemen, who was part of our 5th Global Workshop. The event, held in August in Cali and Bogotá, brought 15 activists from around the world who debated the need to reopen civil society spaces to defend human rights.

Venezuela: freedom for Juan Pedro Lares

The story is of Juan Pedro Lares, a 23-year-old Colombian, and the son of Colombian educator Ramona Rangel and Omar Lares, the mayor of Campo ...

Our “common home”

Regarding the visit of Pope Francis, and on the recommendation of some ecologist colleagues, I decided to read his encyclical "Laudato Si". I confess that ...

Indolence against femicide

"Ali was smoking at the end of the stairs, watching her bleed," said a relative of Patricia Ortiz Franco, after entering the house where the ...

The Pope’s message

The Pope speaks not only of faith but also of good. Therefore, in addition to being a religious leader, he is a moral leader; and ...

Francis, extreme environmentalism?

To take seriously the visit of Pope Francis is to take seriously his message on the environment. And the message sounds radical: the Pope would ...

Undue pressure in the wrong direction

On August 2, before a US Congressional commission, William Brownfield said that Colombia must find ways to create incentives for communities to participate in substitution ...

Is it possible to build a bridge between the Catholic Church and LGBTI people?

Pope Francisco arrives today in Colombia and, without a doubt, his visit can be a good opportunity to build bridges and tear down walls among ...

Judicial misinformation

In the Judicial Branch, the Superior Council of the Judicature annually reports to Congress the actual income and expenses of the jurisdictional sector, but does ...
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