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We amplify Dejusticia's impact by developing powerful communications strategies, including pedagogical, activist and disruptive communications. We also impact public debates through our journalistic work.

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Guide to clarify rumors about the Peace Agreement

In light of the inaccurate impressions, misinterpretations and half-truths that are circulating, we consider it necessary to clarify what the Government and the ex-guerrilla of the FARC-EP really agreed on, and how those commitments are being implemented.

Comments on the statutory bill to implement the Special Jurisdiction for Peace

Academics and social organizations, including Dejusticia, analyzed the political convenience and the constitutional justification of the project that is being discussed in Congress.

Dejusticia and GPAZ’s suggestions so that differentiated criminal treatment does not remain on paper

In the Peace Agreement, the Government committed to give up criminal actions and penalties against small farmers and people living in poverty, involved in illicit crops. To date, no law has been approved for this purpose. Here, we outline our proposals.

Professional secrecy in abortion cases: the inhumane dilemma between prison and death

In 2013, a 28 year-old woman went to a hospital in Argentina for health complications resulting from an incomplete abortion. Seeing the severity of the damages, the ...

Sentences and political participation

The FARC committed war crimes and crimes against humanity, such as systematic kidnapping for ransom. These crimes can not be amnestied and those responsible will ...

The policy of love

The Constituent Assembly of Venezuela approved this week a law that imposes harsh penalties for all those who promote hatred and fascism, two things that, ...

To inherit memories

When one's father or mother or grandparents tell us what they have lived, it is as if one inherits their memories.   11:45 a.m.: los ...

Junk food (SIC)

Written in lowercase and in parentheses next to the error, the adverb "sic" means "thus" and abbreviates the phrase sic erat scriptum ("it was written"), ...

Returning to the colonial space

Countries as diverse as the Democratic Republic of Congo, Pakistan, India, Algeria and Indonesia have all in common that they were once colonies of Western ...

Science, conscience and counter-science

Clair Patterson was a brilliant American scientist who managed to find out in 1956 the age of the earth (4,500 million years) by studying the ...

Two anniversaries and one conjecture

This week the anniversaries of two revolutions that changed the destiny of the West were celebrated: the five centuries of the Protestant schism and the ...
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