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We amplify Dejusticia's impact by developing powerful communications strategies, including pedagogical, activist and disruptive communications. We also impact public debates through our journalistic work.

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Coca: the plant that takes a toll

On April 2017, we traveled to the department of Putumayo, Colombia to speak with a group of cocalera women about how the Crop Substitution Program should advance. This is the powerful testimony of one of them.

Maduro’s persecuted

The flight of Caracas's former mayor, Antonio Ledezma, to Europe reveals only one of the 342 stories of political prisoners fleeing Nicolás Maduro's government.

Dejusticia and other organizations support the case brought before the United States Supreme Court to protect the right to non-discrimination of same-sex couples

The United States Supreme Court will hear the case of a same-sex couple in Colorado who was denied a cake for their wedding by a pastry chef claiming religious (specifically Christian) objections. In an intervention presented before this Court, Dejusticia and other organizations of the INCLO network supported the couple’s right not to be discriminated against.

Human Rights and the Practical Power of Art

In the world of human rights advocacy there is a significant emphasis on measurable impacts. And yet there are many impacts that are difficult to ...

The world is still wide and alien

Trent is a young Lakota living in Rapid City, United States. He is part of the Standing Rock community and was selected as a participant ...

Insecurity: desperate measures

During 2017, 9 people died in Cartagena due to public lynching, 4 of them in the month of December. Also, the newspapers successively recorded the ...

“La señorita María” will not make part of the census

One of the best films of last year was the powerful documentary Señorita María, The Skirt of the Mountain, that moved us with María, a ...

Poor census

Seeing the website of the 2018 census collapse this week, the classic admonition of political sociology came to mind: a State that does not know ...

A census without peasants?

"For peasants to count, they have to be counted." With this motto, the four main national peasant organizations and several regional ones, such as the ...

The unit of hope

Given the fanaticism that we have in Colombia for lawsuits, public attention on the peace process' measures has focused on the special justice of peace. ...

Deliberation in division

To answer that question, the Swiss Jürg Steiner, the Colombian María Clara Jaramillo and other co-authors conducted research on dialogues between unlikely people. Under the ...
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