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We amplify Dejusticia's impact by developing powerful communications strategies, including pedagogical, activist and disruptive communications. We also impact public debates through our journalistic work.

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Join our Petition in We want zero deforestation in the Amazon

We, the 25 children and youth who won the first case in Latin America involving climate change and future generations, met with experts and civil society organizations in Colombia to ask our Congress, #LetsChangeTheGoal on deforestation that President Iván Duque proposed in the National Development Plan (NDP) 2018-2022.

#LetsChangeTheGoal: We ask for a change in the deforestation target proposed in the National Development Plan

Civil society organizations sent a letter to Congress asking that the committee in charge of the National Development Plan change the indicators of deforestation results in Colombia.

Leading Human Rights Organizations Support a Democratic, Non-Violent Solution to Venezuela’s Crisis

International Community Must Advance a Democratic, Non-Violent Solution to Venezuela’s Crisis.


A few weeks ago I had the good fortune to participate, or rather observe and record (I took minutes on the event), a workshop on ...

Gender Ideology: Demagogy or Strategy to Roll Back Rights?

The commemoration of International Women’s Day this year has surprised us with a variety of challenges related to the latent threat of the regression of ...

The Cocalera Marches: An Expression of the Right to Demand Rights

The rural populations that grow coca leaves in Bolivia, Colombia and Peru are located in areas left out of their national economies, where the only ...

Fiscal Policy in the Service of Human Rights

Taxes and expenditures are an increasingly frequent component in the debate on protecting human rights. But how, exactly, is fiscal policy related to human rights? ...

“Without us, the world would not turn”

Eulalia is Ecuadorian and has lived in Spain for three years. She does live-in domestic work and cares for an elderly couple. She migrated out ...

A Hop, Skip, and a Jungle Away: From the Global South to Sarayaku

By: Ana María Ramírez and Sophie Kushen*   This past December, Dejusticia coordinated the Second Global Workshop for Indigenous Leaders on Strategies for Defending Human ...

Is it valid for Colombia to demand that Cuba turn over ELN negotiators?

Even at the risk of being labeled a terrorist or a lawyer for the ELN, I believe that the demand by the Duque administration that ...

Lawyers: What are they not for?

Our world seems to operate under some kind of established logic: that lawyers can do whatever they want, because their knowledge of the law allows ...
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