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Is it impossible to pay reparations? The case of the reparations policy for survivors of sexual violence and victims of the armed conflict in Colombia

This paper provides elements for reflection and analysis on the political economy of reparations by analyzing the Colombian case since 2011, when the policy for victims of the armed conflict was created through Law 1448. 

Think twice: a reflection on menstrual data, privacy, and non-discrimination

While misuse of menstrual data in the US is the current worrisome privacy issue, awareness and understanding of the handling of one’s intimate information is vital to safeguarding human rights, and will only become more urgent as more and more data is collected and stored by various entities.


Is it impossible to pay reparations? The case of the reparations policy for survivors of sexual violence and victims of the armed conflict in Colombia

Reparations for serious human rights violations is a right that generates broad consensus when it comes to law. There are multiple international standards on the subject and the literature coincides ...
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women's football

Women’s football shone at the World Cup, and so do inequalities

It’s been 12 years since a South American nation reached the final eight of the Women’s World Cup. Colombia has booked their place in the quarterfinals and are the second ...
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Apply to our 2023 call for fellowships

The Dejusticia fellowship program offers fellows a collaborative and creative space to reflect on various relevant issues to strengthen their work in the struggle for social and environmental justice in ...
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What is happening in Peru

What is happening in Peru? The question of difficult answers

Since December 7, 2022, when the ousted president Pedro Castillo announced the dissolution of the Peruvian Congress, while this body was debating an impeachment trial against him for multiple allegations ...
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script of repression

#SOSPeru: The repeated script of repression in Latin America

In the midst of a political crisis, Peru is repeating images of violence against protests in Latin America. A familiar script: social and political discontent leads thousands of people to ...
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Democracy in Brazil

Is Democracy in Brazil at stake?

Supporters of former President Jair Bolsonaro spoiled the commencement of Luís Inácio Lula da Silva's third presidential term. On January 8 in Brasilia, thousands of people invaded the buildings at ...
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The immigration policy of the United States and its implications in Latin America

The United States has implemented different measures to prevent the entry of migrants and refugees into its territory, including extending its immigration policy to Latin American countries.
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The binationality of the Wayuu people: the pending debt of Venezuela and Colombia

The Wayuu arrive in Colombia to seek refuge but crashes with a wall that prevents them from accessing social services and fundamental rights: the Colombian State has not recognized the binationality of the Wayuu people in practice.
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The binationality of the Wayuu people: the vision from their cosmology

The Wayuu people have demanded the recognition of their binationality, appealing to the legal and political link that unites them with Colombia and Venezuela, which should translate into a full guarantee of rights and citizenship in both countries.
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We travel with 20 indigenous activists of the world to the heart of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Listen to this story about the Kankuama Resistance.


Discover some of the documentary pieces that we have made. Indigenous resistance, migration of Venezuelans to Colombia and stories of women coca growers, are some of our topics of interest.

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