Court rules in favor of social leaders and orders that the right to defend human rights be guaranteed

The decision emphasized that the fundamental rights of human rights defenders are not suspended at any time and that includes states of emergency. Therefore, the COVID-19 pandemic cannot be an excuse for not complying with the orders of this decision.
Climate Joyce Tan

The climate momentum has reached BlackRock; now let’s get down to business

BlackRock, the world’s largest fund manager, with investments close to US$7 trillion, officially concluded that climate risk is investment risk and that it will consider how companies are confronting climate change in its investment decisions.


Climate Change Research Coordinator, International Area

Application deadline: Wednesday, 29 January 2020 Complete applications should be sent to Juan David Cabrera ([email protected]). The Climate Change Coordinator of the International Area will work with the area Director and ...
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pacto amazonía

Environmentalists of Caquetá gathered inputs for the creation of the Intergenerational Pact for the life of the Amazon

What do you imagine when you think of the Amazon? Who is primarily responsible for deforestation? The industries, the state or the way we consume? What guarantees should we demand ...
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Enlaza museum

Enlaza Venezuela arrives on October 2nd to the Museum of Modern Art of Bogotá

"Solidarity and Collaboration" were the words that motivated the production of Enlaza Venezuela. This is an initiative led by Dejusticia, in which for six months we designed a program that ...
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of hope

Workshop on creative activism Days of Hope is coming to Caquetá on the 21st of September

On the 21st of September in Florencia (Caquetá), forty young environmentalists from the Colombian Amazon will be getting together to participate in the first event of the Days of Hope ...
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International director

Attention! Job Opportunity at Dejusticia

INTERNATIONAL AREA DIRECTOR Application deadline: Friday, June 28 Complete applications should be sent to Juan David Cabrera at the following e mail: [email protected] The International Area Director will work with ...
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Santrich Case

Santrich Case: Dejusticia Defends and Respects the Autonomy and Independence of the Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP)

The Special Jurisdiction for Peace (JEP) administers justice according to the terms of the Colombian Constitution. Its decisions must be respected, even though they can be criticized and controverted through ...
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From repression to migration: The case of Rufo Chacón

Rufo Chacón, in the company of his mother, is preparing to travel to Spain, where he will get the surgical intervention needed to improve his condition.
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4 Key Strategies to Reducing Sexual Violence Against Children

With the launch of the Alianza initiative, there is hope for a comprehensive change in sexual violence against children. But as always, effective implementation of such an ambitious program will undoubtedly have many challenges.
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Losing Ground: The Sixth Extinction and Development

The changes we have triggered on Earth shatter the distance and sense of remoteness that have governed our relationship with other species and the environment. This is a call to once again recognize our profound interdependence with our environment and protect it—if not for nature’s sake, then for our own.
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We travel with 20 indigenous activists of the world to the heart of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Listen to this story about the Kankuama Resistance.


Discover some of the documentary pieces that we have made. Indigenous resistance, migration of Venezuelans to Colombia and stories of women coca growers, are some of our topics of interest.

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