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Populism United States

Despite Biden’s Victory, Authoritarian Populism Continues to Threaten U.S. Democracy

The Republican Party violates norms which protect democracy more frequently than 85% of other political parties leading democracies around the world. Their lack of commitment to these norms shows that the U.S. political system could be weakened even further if another antidemocratic leader comes to power.
UNHCR country offices

“Protecting Human Rights on the Ground,” a report on UNHCR country offices

This research is intended to offer tools to the Venezuelan human rights movement, to other civil society organizations, and to States who have an interest in the establishment of a UNHCR office in Venezuela.


UNHCR country offices

“Protecting Human Rights on the Ground,” a report on UNHCR country offices

AlertaVenezuela (Venezuela), in conjunction with the Center for Law, Justice, and Society, Dejusticia (Colombia) and the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice at New York University (USA) present the ...
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Protest Colombia

Supreme Court of Justice protects the right to protest against police violence

Bogotá, September 22, 2020 At the end of 2019, during the National Strike of November 21st demonstrations and mobilizations, a group of citizens, social organizations, human rights defenders, students, journalists, ...
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REQUIEM FOR JUSTICE: 44 writers, musicians and activists rally against social injustice and oppression amidst Covid-19

 Landscapes of Hope, a network of 25 civil society organizations from Latin America, South East Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, led by the Belgian NGO Action for Hope will ...
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Colombia must implement the IACHR’s recommendations regarding social leaders, even during the pandemic

The report Human Rights Defenders and Social Leaders in Colombia, recently presented by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) after their visit to the country in November 2018 repeatedly ...
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We won the Tang Prize!

Dejusticia, a Colombian think-do-tank with 15 years of history, is one of the three organizations in the world awarded this year with the Tang Prize in the Rule of Law ...
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INCLO condemns the use of excessive force and the misuse of less-lethal weapons against protesters in the USA

News media reports indicate that rubber bullets, tear gas and in some cases live ammunition have been used by police officers against protesters, in violation of the basic human rights ...
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Dejusticia intervened in Nicaragua, Mexico and Colombia arguing for the legalization of abortion in these countries.
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Community Radios

This suit against the Ministry of Communications aruges that the Miistry should have granted a community radio one or more stations in the capital of the country.
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We travel with 20 indigenous activists of the world to the heart of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Listen to this story about the Kankuama Resistance.


Discover some of the documentary pieces that we have made. Indigenous resistance, migration of Venezuelans to Colombia and stories of women coca growers, are some of our topics of interest.

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