Photo: Alan Levine

Coca: the plant that takes a toll

On April 2017, we traveled to the department of Putumayo, Colombia to speak with a group of cocalera women about how the Crop Substitution Program should advance. This is the powerful testimony of one of them.
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El alcalde metropolitano de Caracas y opositor venezolano, Antonio Ledezma, a su llegada a Madrid. EFE/Javier López

Maduro’s persecuted

The flight of Caracas's former mayor, Antonio Ledezma, to Europe reveals only one of the 342 stories of political prisoners fleeing Nicolás Maduro's government.
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Dejusticia and other organizations support the case brought before the United States Supreme Court to protect the right to non-discrimination of same-sex couples

The United States Supreme Court will hear the case of a same-sex couple in Colorado who was denied a cake for their wedding by a pastry chef claiming religious (specifically Christian) objections. In an intervention presented before this Court, Dejusticia and other organizations of the INCLO network supported the couple’s right not to be discriminated against.
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Protesta en Bogotá en el primer aniversario del Acuerdo de Paz. Imagen: Daniel Garzon Herazo / NurPhoto / Sipa USA / PA Images. Todos los derechos reservados.

Colombia Peace Agreement: participation and protest

The 2016 Peace Agreement between the Colombian government and FARC includes explicit aims to improve democratic participation and protect the right to protest. But how are these goals being threatened?
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Kufu, marketing or social responsibility?

To launch its new line of children's beverages, Kufu, Postobón donated the product to indigenous communities in La Guajira. Doctors say that the initiative seems more of a market strategy than a true contribution to food security.
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Interview – “Giving up is useless”: Philip Alston

Creativity, working in coalition, and finding one's own mistakes: this is how the NYU professor believes that the human rights movement in the world can raise its head to remain relevant. The United Nations Rapporteur for Extreme Poverty and Human Rights was in Colombia and invited by Dejusticia.
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With tutela, 1,700 male and female peasants ask to be included in the census

"For peasants to count, they have to be counted," is the slogan of the plaintiffs who have been rejected by the government during the last two years after asking to be identified in the 2018 census.
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Guide to clarify rumors about the Peace Agreement

In light of the inaccurate impressions, misinterpretations and half-truths that are circulating, we consider it necessary to clarify what the Government and the ex-guerrilla of the FARC-EP really agreed on, and how those commitments are being implemented.
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The Constitutional Court recognizes the right of consumers to access information about the health effects of sugary drinks

The Constitutional Court ruled in favor of a tutela filed by Dejusticia and other organizations that make up the Food Health Alliance. This is an unprecedented ruling in favor of consumers in Colombia.
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