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Guide to clarify rumors about the Peace Agreement

In light of the inaccurate impressions, misinterpretations and half-truths that are circulating, we consider it necessary to clarify what the Government and the ex-guerrilla of the FARC-EP really agreed on, and how those commitments are being implemented.
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Comments on the statutory bill to implement the Special Jurisdiction for Peace

Academics and social organizations, including Dejusticia, analyzed the political convenience and the constitutional justification of the project that is being discussed in Congress.
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Dejusticia and GPAZ’s suggestions so that differentiated criminal treatment does not remain on paper

In the Peace Agreement, the Government committed to give up criminal actions and penalties against small farmers and people living in poverty, involved in illicit crops. To date, no law has been approved for this purpose. Here, we outline our proposals.
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Regulate the illicit market: a drug policy model with a human rights approach

In a publication by the KAS Foundation, Dejusticia researchers analyze the costs and benefits of different strategies used in the so-called war on drugs.
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Our proposal to face the implementation crisis of the illicit drug section in the Peace Accord

Following the massacre of six peasants in Tumaco, in an event allegedly involving anti-narcotics police and currently under investigation, Dejusticia presents eight recommendations to fulfill what was agreed in point 4 of the Peace Agreement.
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The need for collective leadership

We received the 2017 Collective Leadership Award, awarded by Semana Magazine, the Leadership and Democracy Foundation and Telefónica. These are the words of our director.
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Bill in Congress seeks to stop advertising of unhealthy food for minors

The project's objective is to reduce the negative impact of consumption of unhealthy products, often advertised as "nutritious or healthy foods", on the well-being of children.
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‘Ideas for peacebuilding’ brings four new debates for post-conflict

In response to the first implementation phase of the peace agreements that Colombia is currently experiencing in and light of the upcoming presidential elections of 2018, Dejusticia presents its second series of proposals to consolidate peace and think about post-conflict.
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Public university

Reflections on public university in light the 150th anniversary of the National University of Colombia.
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