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Indigenous Sovereignty and the Wars on Drugs in the Americas

As drug policy reform takes on new meaning and energy across the hemisphere, let us also remember the historic indigenous effort to retain sovereignty over territory and sustain communities, now challenged by both drugs and the wars against them.
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The needles revolution: reducing damages while protecting the health of drug users

Offering new needles to drug users - no matter how controversial it could be - is increasingly urgent in order to protect the health and rights of these populations.
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Irina_Columna_Cuentas Clarasq

Increasing Accountability

All Colombian society, especially economic actors who had no connection to the conflict, in an effort to go beyond political differences and as a gesture of solidarity towards the victims, should commit themselves to claim and promote victims' rights without restrictions.
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Why (don’t) we sleep?

Bad sleep is the great blind spot of public and private health. The damage from sleeping less than seven hours a day on a regular basis is equivalent to the damage from excessive smoking or drinking.
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Diana Rodriguez - Helena Duran - Columna - Amazonia

The Amazon is burning

Part of the solution lies in achieving greater effective control in the territory and economic incentives aligned with conservation. There is not a reason or actor that is single-handedly responsible for what is happening. And although neither the burning nor deforestation are totally new, today they are out of control.
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A mother with many daughters

Daughters from a same mother are mobilizing in Colombia, Ecuador, the United States, Philippines and Mexico to defend it.
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Güiza Narváez -Columna - Mercados campesinos

Farmer markets: the countryside can come to Bogotá

In farmer markets there are no products sold by intermediaries or imported food. It is local food for local people.
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The Spirit Level

Shouldn't the struggle for greater equality be one of the main issues in the electoral debate given that Colombia is one of the most unequal countries in the world?
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Theoretical musings

Perhaps the greatest political challenge that current democracies face is to rescue something of the public and civic virtue that the Greeks discussed, without falling into the different populisms that today offer themselves as saviors of society.
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Amazon, subject of rights

Recognizing that the Amazon has rights means that all citizens, regardless of whether you are from the region, can demand its protection—even before the courts.
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LRB_Columna_Política de Drogas

The battle for differentiated criminal treatment for small growers continues

On March 20th, the Ministry of Justice issued a new version of the bill on differentiated criminal treatment for small coca, marihuana and poppy growers. The proposed changes aim to respond to the General Attorney's criticisms, but have generated concern and distrust among communities.
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In Venezuela, cancer patients are dying without access to morphine

The shortage of medicine in Venezuela has generated a humanitarian crisis that impacts thousands of patients. According to approximated statistics, only 10% of patients with terminal and/or chronic illnesses that require medication like morphine actually enjoy access to such. They face a dilemma of having to choose between hunger and pain.
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