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Dejusticia Series

Justicia para la paz

Justice to Achieve Peace: Heinous Crimes, the Right to Negotiated Peace and Justice

This book seeks to contribute to the difficult debate on how to reconcile the imperatives of justice and the rights of the victims, with the internal dynamics of a peace negotiation.

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derecho al estado

The Right to Government: The Legal Effects of Institutional Apartheid in Colombia

This book defends the idea that people living in isolated territories have a right to institutional assistance; in other words, they have a right to government. Not just to any government, but one that that protects their dignity and their rights.

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Transitional Justice Measures

Participation in Transitional Justice Measures: A Comparative Study

The study analyzes participatory scenarios involving not only victims but also civil society in a broader sense, as the latter has also been very important for the promotion, adoption, and implementation of transitional justice measures.
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Beyond the Binary: Securing Peace and Promoting Justice after Conflict

The main objective of Beyond the Binary is to place on record the need to formulate answers to the question of the role that criminal action and punishment should play in negotiated political transitions from war to peace.
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Transnational Advocacy Networks

Activists, particularly those based in the global South, have accumulated a wealth of experience in dealing with a range of transnational networks operating in diverse issue areas. New theoretical understandings have reflected this accumulating experience.
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Entre coacción y colaboración: Verdad judicial, actores económicos y conflicto armado en Colombia

While it is clear that many of the economic actors lack responsibility in the conflict and others have been victims of it, some research has shown that some did have a decisive role in the origin, development and perpetuation of the cycles of armed conflict in the country.
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Justice through Transitions: Conflict, Peacemaking and Human Rights in the Global South

What does justice mean in times of transition? What kinds of possibilities and dissapointments emerge from processes of seeking justice through transition? How might we understand these processes through narrative?
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Palliative Care: A Human Rights Approach to Health Care

This edition is an English translation of "Cuidados paliativos: El abordaje de la atención en salud desde un enfoque de derechos humanos", published by Dejusticia in August 2016; the data was not updated for the English translation.
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