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Documents Series

Land restitution, housing policy, and productive projects: Ideas for the post-agreement period

This document aims to examine the results of the land restitution process, with emphasis on its articulation with housing and income generation policies, central components that restitution and return require in order to guarantee victims decent living conditions in terms of livability and economic sustainability.
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Coca, institutions, and development

This document aims to analyze the challenges that coca producing municipalities face in two crucial aspects in the future: the construction of a local State and the definition of a human development path that is both integral and participatory.
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Territorial Justice System for Peace

This book is part of the collection Documents for Peacebuilding in which Dejusticia presents ideas to face the complex challenge of building a stable and lasting peace in the post-agreement period. This specific document addresses the need to strengthen the national judicial system in an articulated manner and with an emphasis on rural areas and on overcoming the armed justice that operates in many places.
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Strategies for a rural transitional reform

The best way to face the challenges posed by the implementation of the Peace Accord in rural policies and to pay off the historic debt to Colombian peasants is to deepen the restitution efforts and to integrate them to a broader agrarian policy.
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Drug crimes and prison overdose in Colombia

This research, carried out by Dejusticia and the Research Consortium on Drugs and the Law, assesses the impact of drug policy on the prison system and recommends, among other measures, to decriminalize the possession of a personal dose.
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Academia and citizenship: university professors meeting and violating norms

What do higher education teachers understand about the concept of non-compliance? What are their main faults? This research, with 605 teachers from Antioquia, begins from these questions.
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Without rules or control: regulation of food and drinks advertising aimed at minors

This text addresses questions regarding the role of unhealthy food and drink consumption, especially in children, and what the State does about it. The document is based on an analysis of the existing norms in Colombia and is skeptical about the self-regulation mechanisms proposed by the industry.
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Transitional justice and action without harm: a reflection on the land restitution process

This document compiles the reflections made in recent years by the Transitional Justice team of Dejusticia and the Action without Harm team of the National University of Colombia.
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Access to intelligence and counterintelligence archives in the framework of the post-agreement

In this text, we offer options so that transitional justice mechanisms and society at large can have access to intelligence and counterintelligence archives, which relate to the armed conflict in Colombia.
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Environmental peace: challenges and proposals for the post-accord

Through the Ideas for Peacebuilding collection, Dejusticia seeks to contribute to this task through thematic documents that offer diagnoses and proposals on some of the central institutional challenges of this new stage. In this book, we analyze the impact of the conflict on the environment and the challenges that arise in the peacebuilding stage.
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