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Documents Series

Negotiating from the margins: The political participation of women in the peace processes of Colombia (1982-2016)

This book offers analyses and recommendations regarding the participation of women in peace processes so that peace agreements can become long-term social pacts that are both inclusive and committed to justice and equality.
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territorios de la paz

Peace territories: the construction of the local state in Colombia

This book offers diagnoses and proposals surrounding one key challenge of peace building: carrying out out a large national state-building project on the periphery of the country.
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Legal Remedies. The Role of Constitutional Judges when Abortion Is Not Guaranteed

This text, which at first seems to broach simply a legal debate, is truly about how to resolve the human drama of what to do when women attempt to access legal abortions, but face innumerable obstacles which end up limiting it.

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Exercising the Right to Voluntary Interruption of Pregnancy in the context of armed conflict

One of the central aims of this text is to overcome, in a first attempt, the lack of data regarding abortions and the armed conflict, and the obstacles women face when trying to access this procedure in those contexts.
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Mitigating Criminal Law Addiction: Alternatives to Prison for Drug-related Offenses

This report was prepared with the Colectivo de Estudios Drogas y Derecho and discusses alternatives to prison for drug-related offenses.

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Multi-Door Courthouses: A Good Idea Badly Managed

This research project aims to do a diagnostic about the National Program on Multi-Door Courthoses and make some public policy recommendations that could magnify their virtues and improve access to justice.

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Police Searches at Discretion? The Tension between Security and Privacy

This text seeks to harmonize the duty of the National Police to preserve public order and guarantee security with the right to privacy.

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Training on Issues on Sexual Violence in the Armed Conflict: A Methodological Proposal for Public Servants

We contribute some pedagogical materials to develop a training program on this topic. We hope its implementation will contribute to an improvement in the attention given to survivors, and the investigation and judicialization of sexual violence committed in the armed conflict with the goal of reducing impunity for these crimes and increasing survivors' access to justice.

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Personal Data in Public Information: Dark in the Private Sphere and Light in the Public Sphere

This document explores the response of Colombian law and jurisprudence to the tensions between intimacy and the publicity of data.

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Do Not Interrupt the Law: The National Health Superintendency’s Purview on the Right to Choose

This document seeks to contribute new arguments to advance the debate about the implementation of guarantees to the right to choose in Colombia, overcoming the two obstacles outlined in the report.

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