Working Papers

Fraught with pain

Fraught with Pain: Access to Palliative Care and Treatment for Heroin Use Disorder in Colombia

This books seeks to facilitate linkages between discussions on the right to health and discussions on drug policy reform. The populations we talk about here are the noes most in need of a change whereby drug culture measures cease to stand in the way of a life free from pain.
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Palliative Care: A Human Rights Approach to Health Care

This edition is an English translation of "Cuidados paliativos: El abordaje de la atención en salud desde un enfoque de derechos humanos", published by Dejusticia in August 2016; the data was not updated for the English translation.
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Victims and press after the war

The drive to conduct this research was born out of the tension that developed on May of 2017 in the context of the journalistic coverage of the exhumations of those who died in the Bojayá massacre.
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Mitigating Criminal Law Addiction: Alternatives to Prison for Drug-related Offenses

This report was prepared with the Colectivo de Estudios Drogas y Derecho and discusses alternatives to prison for drug-related offenses.

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Communications Surveillance in Colombia: The Chasm between Technological Capacity and the Legal Framework

The goal of this book is to examine the Colombian legal and jurisprudential framework regarding communications surveillance in light of today's technologies.

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Making Social Rights Real: Implementation Strategies for Courts, Decision Makers and Civil Society

Given the disappointing implementation levels in various countries and across human rights systems, this guide seeks to contribute to the discussion regarding strategies for courts, international decision-makers, and civil society to increase the implementation of ESCR decisions.

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Addicted to punishment: The disproportionality of drug laws in Latin America

This document analyzes the proportionality of drug related crimes in seven Latin American countries through the study of the evolution of their criminal legislations from 1950 until 2012.
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Addicted to Punishment: The disproportionality of drug laws in Latin America

This document describes the disproportionality of the drug-related crimes in seven Latin American countries. Even though they are punishable behavior that does not directly or indirectly harm third parties, studies of drug crime related laws show a regional tendency to increase the use of criminal law

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