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UNHCR country offices

“Protecting Human Rights on the Ground,” a report on UNHCR country offices

This research is intended to offer tools to the Venezuelan human rights movement, to other civil society organizations, and to States who have an interest in the establishment of a UNHCR office in Venezuela.


Colombia must implement the IACHR’s recommendations regarding social leaders, even during the pandemic

In its recent report, the IACHR crucially underscores the importance of recognizing the right to defend rights and the fundamental role of social leaders in Colombia, especially in the current context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We won the Tang Prize!

Dejusticia, a Colombian think-do-tank with 15 years of history, is one of the three organizations in the world awarded this year with the Tang Prize in the Rule of Law category, and the first Latin American laureate in the history of the Tang Prize. This award, delivered biennially since 2014 by the Academia Sinica (Taiwan),…


The Duque Government Before the United Nations: A Zero in Conduct

Above all of this disorder, something remains constant: the Duque government’s decided interest to weaken international supervision of human rights not only in the Interamerican system, but also in the United Nations.

Digital Transitions in Transitional Justice

The digitalization of transitional justice should not be seen as a long-term solution, as it can never replace the visceral dynamics of in-person human interaction and emotion, both essential in transitional justice processes.

The Human Rights-based Approach: The Pending Issue of the Migration Law

Although the Colombian government has implemented a series of measures to assist the Venezuelan population, this response has been sectorized and short-term in nature.

Closing of Civil Society spaces

Nueva Relatora Derechos Humanos

Dejusticia welcomes Mary Lawlor’s appointment as the new UN Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Defenders

In continuity with the Michel Forst’s work, we hope that the Special Rapporteur will visit Colombia and follow up on the report made by her predecessor
Chacón Rufo

From repression to migration: The case of Rufo Chacón

Rufo Chacón, in the company of his mother, is preparing to travel to Spain, where he will get the surgical intervention needed to improve his condition.

Navigating Human Rights in a War-Torn Yemen

Despite immensely difficult circumstances in a war-torn and diminishing space for activism, Mwatana for Human Rights has remained steadfast in its mission to defend human rights.

Our Blogs

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Global Rights Blog

The Global Rights Blog is Dejusticia's international human rights blog. Since 2014, the blog has been a space for analysis, intellectual debate, and reflection about human rights globally.

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Amphibious Accounts

A product of the Global Action-Research Workshop for Young Human Rights Advocates of Dejusticia. A space for human rights advocates from the Global South to deepen their research and writing skills and build South-South connections.

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