Two fights in one: feminism and environmentalism

Only in as much as we coordinate the efforts will we be able to erradicate gender inequality and encounter a solution to the ecological crisis that we are experiencing.

The “Lock Him Up” Paradox

What if we treated criminal prosecution and sentencing as a question of how to rebuild society?


Join our Petition in We want zero deforestation in the Amazon

We, the 25 children and youth who won the first case in Latin America involving climate change and future generations, met with experts and civil society organizations in Colombia to ask our Congress, #LetsChangeTheGoal on deforestation that President Iván Duque proposed in the National Development Plan (NDP) 2018-2022.
Venezuela, diplomatic crisis

Leading Human Rights Organizations Support a Democratic, Non-Violent Solution to Venezuela’s Crisis

International Community Must Advance a Democratic, Non-Violent Solution to Venezuela’s Crisis.

Dejusticia seeks a Communications Director

Dejusticia seeks a dynamic Communications Director who will lead the creation of a communications strategy for both Colombia-based and international communications of the organization.


Sentences for drug traffickers from South America’s Pacific

The harshest sentences are served by transporters who, in most cases, are dispensable actors in the value chain of narco-trafficking, and who are committing the crimes because of the marginalized and impoverished conditions in which they live.

The Sierra, Displaced

I thought about their story, the people and the situations they must have faced. I honored that by feeling the strength of the land and that the stone had witnessed the same. –Tiokasin, Lakota leader

Prisons: What Force Can’t Do

“Heavy-handed” policies on crime in many countries in the Americas have not only brought prisons to crises around the continent, but have also failed to reduce crime and recidivism. A more humane penitentiary system, not one of terror, seems to be the solution that our continent needs.

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Closing of Civil Society spaces

Navigating Human Rights in a War-Torn Yemen

Despite immensely difficult circumstances in a war-torn and diminishing space for activism, Mwatana for Human Rights has remained steadfast in its mission to defend human rights.
Venezuela migration

“Cúcuta: Emergency Exit,” A Special Series at the Frontlines

Dejusticia (Colombia) and Provea (Venezuela) brought together ten journalists from Venezuela and three from Colombia to tell, through seven heartbreaking stories of suffering, sacrifice and hope at the border between the two countries.

Preventing Corporate Intimidation of Rightsholders

Unfavorable news, a negative opinion of an opinion leader, or even an unfounded rumor can affect companies whose value depends to a large extent on the confidence of their shareholders and the public in their good behavior and the possibilities of obtaining profits by investing in them.

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Global Rights Blog

The Global Rights Blog is Dejusticia's international human rights blog. Since 2014, the blog has been a space for analysis, intellectual debate, and reflection about human rights globally.

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Amphibious Accounts

A product of the Global Action-Research Workshop for Young Human Rights Advocates of Dejusticia. A space for human rights advocates from the Global South to deepen their research and writing skills and build South-South connections.

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