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Our Issues

We focus on seven issue areas, combining research, collaborative work with partners and direct advocacy

We are organized in fluid interdisciplinary teams focusing on one of seven key topics in human rights, we call these our thematic lines.

Each of these lines carries out research and advocacy, and addresses the relevant political and legal contexts.  Throughout our work, we seek to support communities and individuals to defend and claim their rights, and to strengthen institutions so that they may be better able to protect and guarantee human rights.

We work nationally within Colombia and internationally through collaborations with partners in the Global south and North, and through direct action and participation in international human rights fora.


Our teams work on seven broad issues, nationally and internationally. These are our thematic lines.

We work against discrimination through research, legal advocacy and social action to guarantee the right to equality. We work to promote the rights of women and the LGBTI population and advocate for equality for indigenous communities and Afro-descendants and for their increased representation and participation.
We seek to incorporate mechanisms that create greater flexibility in existing policies to achieve better protection of human rights. We center our attention on three topics within drug policies: smart law enforcement responses, public health and human rights and the intersection of the Peace Agreement in Colombia and drug policy.
We embrace an approach that seeks to ensure that there is a level of material wellbeing for all that is necessary for living with human dignity. We work to implement ESC Rights with a particular focus on the right to food and tax justice. We also work on the justiciability of ESCR, and on corporate accountability through our Business and Human rights team.
We focus on the analysis and the defense of human rights that are violated in the context of extractive industries and changes in the environment. We focus on three general topics: land-use management, environmental participation, and climate change.
We apply public policy methodologies to the delivery of services provided by the justice system and to the constitutional protection of legal rights. We undertake qualitative and quantitative research on security strategies, criminal prosecution and prison policy, and on access to legal services.
We believe that political power should be exercised not only effectively and legitimately, but also in accordance with legal norms. We thus work to strengthen institutions so that they are rights respecting, promote a culture of legality, defend freedom of expression and advocate for compliance with international and national norms in the areas of privacy, intelligence and access to information.
We focus on the rights of victims to truth, justice, reparation and reconciliation in contexts of armed conflict and work to ensure that our advocacy on this issue within Colombia has an international perspective by developing comparative research projects and participating in experience sharing forums.
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