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Dejusticia intervenes in defense of Venezuelan migrants’ right to health

The Constitutional Court invited Dejusticia to present their legal opinion on two cases concerning the right to health of people coming from Venezuela.
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The Yukpas: The Indigenous community who migrated to Colombia in search of rice

One of Colombia’s greatest challenges as it relates to Venezuela’s migration crisis is the ethnic group who came from the neighboring country, having fled the crisis and asking to be recognized as binational citizens. They are some 300 people who decry the death of two of their children, the disappearances of some of their members, and the consistent threats they face.
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Guatemala: Dejusticia intervenes in a process that seeks to protect the right to prior consultation of the Xinka people

During 2012 and 2013, the Ministry of Energy and Mines granted licenses for the exploitation of the Escobal mining company without consulting indigenous people. Eight international organizations presented an amicus to support the communities.
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The Supreme Court rules in favor of peasants

Regarding the legal action that 1,770 peasants filed to be included in the census, the court ordered the Government to define the concept of peasant, to include this population in the census, and to advance public policies that ensure their material equality.
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Dejusticia and other organizations support the case brought before the United States Supreme Court to protect the right to non-discrimination of same-sex couples

The United States Supreme Court will hear the case of a same-sex couple in Colorado who was denied a cake for their wedding by a pastry chef claiming religious (specifically Christian) objections. In an intervention presented before this Court, Dejusticia and other organizations of the INCLO network supported the couple’s right not to be discriminated against.
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With tutela, 1,700 male and female peasants ask to be included in the census

"For peasants to count, they have to be counted," is the slogan of the plaintiffs who have been rejected by the government during the last two years after asking to be identified in the 2018 census.
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The Agreements for the Substitution of Illicit Crops must have a gender perspective

GPaz and Dejusticia presented contributions for the inclusion of the gender approach in the route to the formulation and implementation of Collective Agreements within the framework of the National Comprehensive Substitution Plan.
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The national government geographically isolated Chocó

We intervened to support a tutela that requires the government to pave the Quibdó-Medellín and Quibdó-Pereira roads: a promise that has historically been unfulfilled.
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The migratory wall facing refugees

What is it like to migrate to Colombia and the United States? The stories of Johan and Sonia, two of the 65.6 million people who have been forcibly displaced around the world.
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