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Inter-American Comission on Human Rights wants to investigate police abuses during the Buenaventura strike

During a hearing in Lima, Peru, organizations working to protect the rights of the Afro-Colombian population claimed that the government and the FARC are ignoring this population in the implementation of the Peace Accord.
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Gpaz and Dejusticia recommend the application of a gender based approach in criminal policy bill

The Working Group on Gender in Peace (GPAZ) and Dejusticia presented an analysis of Bill No. 148 of 2016 (currently in the Senate). The bill is currently being handled by the First Commission and amends provisions of the Criminal Code, the Code of Criminal Procedure , the Penitentiary and Prison Code, and the Childhood and Adolescence Code.
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No one responds to racial discrimination at work in Colombia

The Constitutional Court is about to end the legal struggle that Jonh Jak Becerra undertook six years ago, after being a victim of racial discrimination at work. Dejusticia and Cimarrón intervened before the Court, calling for the protection of the rights to equality, non-discrimination, decent work and due process.
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What are the effects of prior consultation processes in the life of indigenous peoples?

That indigenous peoples can discuss with the government at the same level: this and other effects of prior consultation in the following video.
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The first four books of the “Ideas for Peace Building” collection are already available

The series, which will have a total of ten texts, seeks to provide thematic documents that offer diagnoses and proposals on some of the post-agreement challenges.

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An organization with collective leadership: our history reviewed in the Leader Network

The Leader Network chose Dejusticia to initiate the series of profiles on collective leadership. The profile published in Silla Vacía investigates three fundamental measures of leadership: vision, example and results.

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First Global Workshop on Human Rights Strategies for Indigenous Leaders in the Global South

Dejusticia and the Racial Discrimination Watch opens their call to the First Global Workshop on Human Rights Strategies for Indigenous Leaders in the Global South. The workshop will be held in Colombia in December 2017. The call for proposals is open until June 10th.

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The State Council’s decision did NOT change the rules for safe and timely abortion services

The high court, which for the first time recognizes the voluntary interruption of pregnancy as a fundamental right, also did not authorize the objection of institutional conscience for clinics or hospitals. 

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Seminar: 5 years after the Law of Victims and Restitution of Collective Territories – Impact On Indigenous and Afro-Descendent Communities

5 years after the Victims’ and Collective Territories Restitution Law was passed a seminar evaluates its impact on indigenous and Afro-Descendent communities in Colombia.
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