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From the Ethical to the Ethnic

How did the political class take over the seats reserved for Afro-Colombians in Congress?
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What is Missing from the Separate Spaces for Women

Parting from the assumption that the separate spaces for women on the Transmilenio public transportation system is just a temporary measure that is attempting to mitigate a particular problem, we cannot ask to much of it.
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Separate and Unequal: Education and Social Class in Colombia

Elementary and high school students live in two separate and unequal worlds, because the quality of the education they receive is very different. What can we do to close this gap?
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The Wiwa People and the Ranchería Dam (Documentary)

In the 2005, the INCODER began the construction of the El Cercado Dam on the Ranchería River. The government issued the construction license for the dam violating the right of the indigenous peoples of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta to prior consultation. In this documentary, members of the Wiwa People share how their physic and cultural survival was threatened by the construction and their means of resistance they have developed to challenge the Dam.
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They Have the Right, but It’s Forbidden

The government recognizes certain rights of the indigenous peoples of the Cauca and of the Afro-Colombians in the islands of the Caribbean. But at the same time, they are enforcing laws that forbid the exercise of these rights.
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Remembering our Brothers and Sisters: November 20th, Transgender Day of Remembrance

The fact that 64% of transgender persons in Bogota suffer some sort of aggression because of their gender identity shows that we need to exchange our prejudices for respect and comprehension.
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Scholars and Journalists

It is regrettable that the debate about academic fraud in Colombia has broken out surrounding the case of the scientist Raúl Cuero. But it would be even more regrettable if the debate turned against the researcher Rodrigo Bernal, who did nothing more than what his job demands: to rigorously investigate and publish what he finds (in this case, Cuero's real record).
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Tutela writ against marriage?

No, because the tutela writ is meant to protect rights, not to take them away.
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Access to justice for women victims of sexual violence

Fifth follow-up report on Decision 092 of the Constitutional Court.
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