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Intervention in the lawsuit against the 122 article of the criminal code related to abortion

The Constitutional Court's Sentence C-355 of 2006 studied the constitutionality of article 122 of the criminal code, which typifies abortion and decriminalizes it in three circumstances.
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Dejusticia’s intervention on the prohibition of arbitrary detention and discriminatory conduct against women who engage in prostitution

Dejusticia conducted a citizen intervention before the Constitutional Court regarding the tutela action interposed by two women who engage in prostitution who were accompanied by Pairs in Action and Reaction Against Social Exclusion (PARCES) and who asked for the protection of their right on individual liberty and free circulation, to the vital minimum for subsistence, personal integrity and work after being taken by police agents in the Butterfly Plaza in San Victorino in Bogotá.

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Dejusticia and other organizations intervene in protection case on behalf of Wayúu children

on 19 july, Dejusticia, along with the National Indigenous Organization of Colombia (ONIC), the Civic Committee for the Dignity of La Guajira, and the Committee of Support for Popular Communities (CODACOP), and several leaders of the Wayúu peoples, sent to the Supreme Court of Justice of Colombia a brief in support of the citizen-led protection case on behalf of Wayúu boys and girls, who are facing grave danger due to a widespread situation of hunger and lack of drinking water in the department of La Guajira.

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Dejusticia Intervenes in Favor of Migrant Woman in Bolivia who Was Sterilized without Her Consent

Dejusticia intervenes before the Inter-American Court on Human Rights in the case of a migrant woman in Bolivia who was sterilized without her informed consent.

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Citizen Intervention about the Constitutionality of the “Beginning at Birth” Language of Civil Code’s Article 90

Dejusticia intervened before the Constitutional Court to respectfully request that it declares the constitutionality of the "beginning at birth" language of the Civil Code's article 90.

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Citizen Intervention Litigating Unconstitutionality of Criminal Code’s Regulation 599 of 2000

Intervention claims unconstitutionality of Criminal Code regulations that do not consider gender identity in offenses and cannot justify harsher sentences due to discrimination and harrassment.

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Intervention before the Constitutional Court in the Writ of Constitutional Protection Revision Process that Demands Protection of the Arauco Indigenous Community

We intervened in the writ of constitutional protection instated by Mission Colombia Foundation in representation of the Arhuaco indigenous community due to the harms caused by the construction of a military base and more than 480 communication antenas and facts regarding this community's ancestral territory.

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Amicus Curiae in Favor of the Right to Prior Consultation of Mayan Communities in Mexico

This amicus curiae seeks to support the actions of the Mayan communities from Pach-Chan and Canabchen to ask that their right to prior consultation be respected in the case against Monsanto's genetically modified soy crops.

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