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Rodrigo Uprimny’s Intervention before the Inter-American Court

See the recording of the public hearing regarding the case against Colombia due to discrimination based on sexual orientation.

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Dejusticia Supported Public Hearing Request by Indigenous Organizations in Constitutional Court regarding Decree that Regulates Indigenous Territories

This past September 11th, Dejusticia presented before the Constitutional Court a request for it to hold a public hearing regarding the case of the decree that regulated indigenous territories (Decree 1953 of 2014).

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Interventions at Marriage Equality Public Hearing

By Colombia Diversa and Dejusticia's request, the Constitutional Court ordered a public hearing on July 30th, 2015, regarding the cases of constitutional writ of protection petitions from same-sex couples in review by that Court.

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Intervention before the Constitutional Court Regarding Legal Regulations on Obligatory Military Service and Its Application to Trans* People

Dejusticia intervened in a lawsuit arguing the unconstitutional nature of laws that regulate military service for trans people. For the plaintiffs these laws ignore their gender identity. Dejusticia has asked the Court to declare itself inhibited from releasing a substantive ruling.

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The Constitutional Court Decides in Constitutional Writ of Protection Case about Changing Gender on Official Identification Documents for Trans People– Intervention by Dejusticia

The Constitutional Court in the T-063 Decision of 2005 protected the fundamental rights to human dignity, free development of personality, sexual and gender identity, and the legal personhood of trans women, who they previously asked to use a judicial process and present a medical certificate in order to change one's sex on official identification documents. 

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We Presented an Amicus Curiae before the Constitutional Tribunal Asking for the Preservation of the Reform that Allows for Abortion

We presented an amicus curiae before the Constitutional Tribunal of the Dominican Republic in favor of the depenalization of abortion in the process that this court is considering to determine whether to preserve the reform to the Criminal Code that allows for abortion in three circumstances, thus protecting the life and integrity of Dominican women.

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Colombia Diversa and Dejusticia Registered a Citizen Petition in LDM and RPA’s Writ of Constitutional Protection Process, Acting in Their Own Name and in Representation of their Children S and SVP

Submitted with Mauricio Albarracín Caballero, Eliana Robles Pallares y Mávilo Nicolás Giraldo, Colombia Diversa's executive director and members of the litigation team.

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Amicus Curiae for Mr. President of the Transitory Liquidating Criminal Court

Presented by the Due Process of Law Foundation, Human Rights Center of the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador, the Center for the Study of Law, Justice, and Society- Dejusticia.

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Dejusticia Asks the Court Not to Annul Its Ruling About Women’s Right to Voluntary Pregnancy Interruption, Following a Request from the Public Prosecutor’s Office

The Constitutional Court has announced that if one of its rulings constitutes an ostensible, proven, significant, and transcendental violation of due process, it itself will proceed to declare the annulment of that decision.
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