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Dejusticia and Colombia Diversa Intervened before the Constitutional Court to Ask That Adoption Laws Do Not Exclude Same-Sex Couples

Mauricio Albarracín Caballero, Jaime Ardila Salcedo, Daniel Gómez-Mazo, Alejandro Lanz Sánchez, Olga Patricia Velásques Ocampo, Juan Felipe Rivera Osorio y María Paula Hoyos Sánchez, executive director and members of Colombia Diversa, are also authors of this intervention.
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Intervention in the Case of Belo Monte

The Inter-American Association for Environmental Defense (AIDA), the Center for the Study of Law, Justice and Society (DEJUSTICIA), the Socio-Environmental Institute (ISA), The Yudjá Mïratu da Volta Grande do Xingu Indigenous Association (AYMÏX) and the Indigenous Missionary Council (CIMI) presented before the Supreme Federal Court of Brazil written memo that shows the illegality of the Congressional permit for the Belo Monte dam.
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Intervention: Tutela Writ Against the Artistic Project “Blanco Porcelana”

The Constitutional Court invited us opine on the tension between freedom of expression and artistic creation, and the right to privacy and the reputation, in the context of artwork that addresses racial discrimination.

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Amicus about the Rights of Indigenous Populations

Dejusticia, the Global Justice and Human RightsProgram at Universidad de los Andes, and the Law School Clinics at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Perú and Stanford presented an amicus curiae challenging the constitutionality of guidelines regulating the Official Data Base of Indigenous and Native Peoples in Peru.
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Lawsuit against the designation of the Superintendent of Vigilance and Private due to the noncompliance of the Quota Law

Dejusticia, Sisma Mujer and the Red Nacional de Mujeres challenged the selection of the Superintendent of Surveillance and Private Security as a violation of the Quotas Law, arguing that the President had an obligation to appoint a woman for the post, and yet appointed a man.
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Intervention in constitutional challenge to article 44 of Law 1551 of 2012

The challenge requests that article 44 of Law 1551 of 2012 be declared unconstitutional because the norm violates various norms related to prior consultation of indigenous groups, the right to self-government, and creates a new territorial division and authority not contemplated in the Constitution.
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Challenge to the appointment of the Superintendent of Health for failure of President Juan Manuel Santos to fulfill the quota law

Dejusticia, Sisma Mujer and the Red Nacional de Mujeres challenged the appointment of the Superintendent of Health for violation to the quota law.
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Challenge to the appointment of the Director of Colciencias due to noncompliance with the Quota Law

Challenge to the appointment of the director of Administrative Department of Science, Technology and Innovation (Colciencias) for violation of the Quotas Law.
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Intervention before the IACtHR regarding Costa Rica’s prohibition of invitro fertilization

Dejusticia presented an amicus before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights regarding Costa Rica's prohibition of in vitro fertilization.
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