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Intervention in the writ for constitutional protection (tutela) for violation of the right to public information.

Dejusticia intervened before the Constitutional Court supporting tutela filed by Monica Roa and other women against officials of the Inspector General's Office for violating their right to information and consequently their sexual and reproductive rights, among others
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Challenge to the appointment of three government ministers (Housing, Interior, and Transportation) for violation of the Quotas Law by President Santos.

Dejusticia, Sisma Mujer y la Red Nacional de Mujeres challenged the appointment of the Ministers of Housing, Interior and Transportation, because in nominating men for these positions, President Santos led to a violation of Ley 581 of 2000 (Quotas Law) which requires that at least 30 percent of Ministries are led by women.
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Intervention in tutela proceedins for protection of rights concerning discriminatory speech

Dejusticia and Racial Discrimination Watch intervened before the Constitutional Court in a tutela proceeding filed by a student of the University Distrital Francisco José de Caldas who alleged he was the victim of racial discrimination because of racist remarks of a teacher during class.
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Amicus in tutela proceeding regarding a voluntary interruption of pregnancy due to the risk to the mental health of the woman.

Dejusticia intervened to support the protection of the fundamental rights of a woman who was denied the right to terminate her pregnancy, although her situation fit into one of the three circumstances in which abortion is permitted, namely, the risk to the women's mental health.
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Intervention in the request for annulment of decision T-769/09

projects (Mandé Norte) in indigenous and Afro-Colombian collective territories until affected communities were consulted.
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Intervention in tutela for the protection of the conformation of community action groups in San Lorenzo

The Governor of the indigenous community of San Lorenzo filed a tutela against the government of Riosucio in order to stop it from promoting the formation of community action groups within the reservation. We argue that the promotion of these groups, undertaken without the consent of the authorities in the cabildo, is a violation of autonomy and the right to ethnic and cultural diversity of the Embera community of San Lorenzo who decided, through its legitimate authority, to not constitute the formation of such groups within the reservation.
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Amicus Curiae on the official duty to investigate sexual crimes and proof standards in sexual violence

Dejusticia submitted an amicus in a motion for legal protection case filed by a women's organization against the Attorney General's Office, claiming the infringement of the rights of access to justice and due process of a girl allegedly abused by her father.
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Challenge to the request for annulment of the decree that regulates the provision of services for voluntary interruption of pregnancy

Dejusticia requests the Council of State refuse the request for nullity of the decree that regulates the provision of services for voluntary interruption of pregnancy. We argue that this regulation is legitimate as Act 100 of 1993 establishes that the National Government is the competent authority to regulate the provision of health services.
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Amicus curiae in tutela for protection of the right to mental health of victims of forced displacement

Dejusticia supports the tutela to ensure the right to health of four women who have not received comprehensive care for the serious mental and emotional disorders they suffer following their forced displacement due to violence of the armed conflict
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