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Legislating and Representing? Female Senators’ Agenda in Congress (2006-2010)

In this book we hope to contribute empirically to the issue of women's political representation in Colombia. Additionally, the book brings attention to the necessity to develop intermediary theoretical proposals that can open the conceptual debate regarding the inclusion and representation of women in the political arena.

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Separate and Unequal: Education and Social Class in Colombia

Using empirical evidence from state-administered exams, this book shows how public education in Colombia is a segregated system. It is a system that is separate and unequal, violating the right to non-discrimination and equal opportunity enshrined in Colombia´s Constitution.

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Race and Housing in Colombia: Residential Segregation and Life Conditions in Cities

This report presents the results of a study on living conditions and residential segregation in twelve cities of Colombia

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Security, Police and Inequality: Citizen Survey in Bogotá, Cali, and Medellín

This survey seeks quantitative evidence about how people experience and perceive various aspects of the security policy, in particular policing practices. It also explores whether security policies disproportionately effect vulnerable groups.

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Access to Justice: Women, Armed Conflict, and Justice

This document examines the situation of female victims of human rights violations due to the Colombian armed conflict and their ability to effectively access justice.

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Land Restitution and Gender Perspectives

In this document the authors explore why the focus on gender is important to the integral restitution of land. It also shows that this focus is both useful and necessary to the full, effective and respectful restitution of human rights of the victims.

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The Implementation of the Partial Decriminalization of Abortion in Colombia

This document identifies some of the biggest obstacles that the partial decriminalization of abortion faces in Colombia.

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The Regulation of Voluntary Interruptions of Pregnancy in Colombia

This document describes the current status of voluntary interruption of pregnancy (VIP) regulation in Colombia.

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