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Racial Discrimination at Work: an Experimental Study in Bogotá

The denial of the racial discrimination in Colombia and the lack of measures to combat it, is partly due to the lack of reliable data on the disadvantages the afro-colombian population face in the workforce, the education system and in housing.
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Racial Discrimination in the Labor Market: An Experimental Study in Bogotá

This paper documents the first Colombian quantitative study on racial discrimination in the labor market, specifically in Bogotá. The study finds that the skin color has a direct and negative effect on the chances of finding a job.

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Between Stereotypes: Labor Trajectories for Men and Women in Colombia

This document explores the labor trajectories of men and women. It finds that strategic decisions, as well as formal and informal labor market norms, are based on images, stereotypes and ideas about gender that leads to a division of labor by gender.
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Public Order and Racial Profiling: Afro-Colombian Experiences with the Cali Police

This book documents the Police Forces' treatment of the Afro-Colombian population in Cali.

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Goodbye river: The Dispute over Land, Water and the Rights of the Indigenous living near the Urrá dam

This books tell the story of the dam of Urrá through the central themes of violence and the dispute for land and the natural resources in Colombia.

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This book analyzes the origins, practice, and effects of the right to prior consultation for indigenous peoples.

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Prior Consultation: Dilemmas and Solutions

The book provides lessons from the drafting process of the Reparations and Restoration of Land to Indigenous Peoples decree in Colombia.

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13th Discussion Document: Quota Law in Colombia: Progress and Challenges. Ten Years of Law 581 of 2000

In 2000 the Colombian legislature approved a law aimed at promoting equal participation of women in high-level state offices through the adoption of a quota system that orders that at least 30% of public offices are occupied by women.

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Weaving Rights 1: Prior Consultation and Free, Prior, and Informed Participation

The first book of the collection is about the rights to prior consultation and free, prior and informed participation.

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