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Weaving Rights 1: Prior Consultation and Free, Prior, and Informed Participation

The first book of the collection is about the rights to prior consultation and free, prior and informed participation.

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Ethno-Reparations: Ethnic Collective Justice and Reparations for Afro and Indigenous Communities in Colombia

This text begins by explaining the concept of "collective ethnic justice" and then offers practical guidance on how it can be achieved in practice by describing relevant principles and criteria found in Colombian and international law.

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Race and Human Rights in Colombia. Report on Racial Discrimination and Rights of Afro-Colombians

This work questions the myth of racial democracy in Colombia and is the full version of the Report on Racial Discrimination and Rights of Afro-Colombian population.

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Unequal Justice? Gender and Victim Rights in Colombia

The chapters in which members of Dejusticia participate are number 4 (Gender violence and constitutional justice in Colombia by Julissa Mantilla Falcón and Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes) and 5 (Reparations with a gender focus: the potential to transform discrimination and exclusion by Diana Esther Guzmán).

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Afro forced displacement

This book documents and analyzes the effects of forced displacement on the Afrocolombian population and its particular impact on the rights that black communities have to the territory.

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Racial Discrimination and Human Rights in Colombia

This unprecedented work offers a thorough analysis of the current situation of Afro-Colombians, providing a sociological and legal basis to advocate for the promotion of their rights.

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No Truce: Public Policies for the Reparation for Women Victims of Sexual Violence During Dictatorships

This book is the product of a reflection process of groups that share a common past characterized by armed conflicts and military regimes responsible for massive human rights violations of their citizens.

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The Test of Reasonableness and the Right to Equality

This chapter analyzes the jurisprudential application of the equality clause as a constitutional right and proposes a test of reasonableness and compares this clause with those in American and European jurisprudences.

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