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Drug Policy


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Decree that created the National Comprehensive Program for Crop Substitution is constitutional

In an intervention before the Constitutional Court, Dejusticia argued that this norm conforms to the Constitution. However, the organization warned that the deadline to determine the beneficiaries should be reconsidered because it could leave out a group of peasants living in poverty.
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Intervention before the Constitutional Court in the revision of Decree-Law 249 of 2017, which regulates a specific hiring process for manual eradication for the implementation of the peace process

Dejusticia asked the Constitutional Court to declare invalid Decree-Law 249 of 2017 (DL 249/2017), for two reasons: in issuing this rule, the President of the Republic exceeded the special powers for peace because it did not demonstrate the strict necessity to regulate this subject by this extraordinary way; and the contracting procedure that regulates DL 249/2017 violates the constitutional principles governing public procurement.

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Dejusticia presents on precautionary principle to the Constitutional Court in case of illicit crops fumigation with glyphosate

In a Constitutional Protection (tutela) case, Dejusticia argued for the precautionary principle to protect the rights to health, the environment, ethnic territories, peasant territoriality, and water resources in rural communities.
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Intervention in Favor of the Nasa Community due to Glyphosate in Putumayo

Dejusticia intervened in the revision process of a writ of constitutional protection case due to the violation of the indigenous community Nasa's right to prior consultation in Putumayo, resulting in the aereal fumigation with glysophate of illicit crops.

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We Ask the Government to Immediately Suspend Glifosate Fumigations

We ask the Justice Ministry, as the President of the National Narcotics Council, the Technical Secretary of that organization, and the Anti-Narcotics Director of the National Police, to immediately suspend all glifosate spraying operations in the Colombian territory, in application of the precautionary principle.

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Letter regarding human rights and drug policies to governments participating in the OAS General Assembly in Guatemala.

More than fifty civil society organizations from the Americas presented a letter to the governments gathered this week in Guatemala, for the General Assembly meeting of the OAS. In the letter the organizations urgently call for putting human rights protection at the center of the debate over drug policies.
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Intervention regarding the constitutional prohibition of possession and consumption of narcotic substances.

Dejusticia intervened to challenge a legislative constitutional reform prohibiting the possession and consumption of drugs, which sought to replace jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court that interpreted the right to personal autonomy as permitting the possession of a personal dose of drugs.
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