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Economic Justice

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Atheism and evil

IN COLOMBIA many people believe that atheists are people who are closer to evil than what believers are.
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Santos’ slyness

JUAN MANUEL SANTOS SAYS that the cradle of his campaign in which someone imitates the voice of President Uribe, calling to vote for him, is nothing else than "pure sly."
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Doubt and political honesty

People who never hesitate produce me distrust. Thats why I like Nietzsche's aphorism that says, "its not doubt but certainty what makes people crazy."
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Colombia, land of lawyers

This transcendental legal profession has been largely unregulated and, in addition, poorly regulated. How much should it be intervened?
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With an evil face

Cesare Lombroso, an Italian criminal lawyer of the nineteenth century, was famous for his theory of "born criminal."
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