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Economic Justice


Separate and Unequal: Education and Social Class in Colombia

Using empirical evidence from state-administered exams, this book shows how public education in Colombia is a segregated system. It is a system that is separate and unequal, violating the right to non-discrimination and equal opportunity enshrined in Colombia´s Constitution.

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Responsible and Transparent Budgetary Autonomy

This paper provides some evidence for the discussion of the budget of the judicial authorities in Colombia and propose an alternative to reform its budget system.

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Is The Free Trade Agreement between the United States and Colombia Constitutional?

The article offers and analysis of the impacts of the Free Trade Agreement between the United States and Colombia.

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Social Rights Taken Seriously: Towards a Dialogue Between Rights and Public Policy

The book investigates the application of various social rights with an emphasis on the right to education.

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Six Cities, Four Countries, One Law: A Comparative Analysis of Educational Politics

This book offers a collection of essays that analyze and compare the educational public politics of Bogotá with those other cities and other countries in Latin America.

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The Right to Health

This report is the result of an investigation that assessed the Colombian health system from a human rights perspective.

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Labor Rights in the FTA Between Colombia and the United States

This article examines the theoretical debate and the comparative experiences of labor clauses in free trade agreements and proposes norms for the FTA between Colombia and the United States that effectively protect labor rights.

(In: Catalina Botero & Andrea Guardo, eds. Economía social de mercado y tratados de libre comercio en Colombia. Fundación Social y Fund. Konrad Adenauer, 2004)
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Expanding the Economic Canon and Searching for Alternatives to Neoliberal Globalization

This introductory chapter theorizes and documents the diverse initiatives of supportive economy and working transnational mobilization that promises of counterhegemonic globalization.

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