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Economic Justice


The Constitutional Court has the last word to save the Ciénaga Grande of Santa Marta

The environmental crisis of this ecosystem led fishermen to pursue a legal battle that reached the High Court. In this intervention, we support their demand that environmental authorities take urgent measures to stop the disaster and thus, protect their rights to healthy environment, dignified life and work.
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Rural reform decree to resolve historic debt with peasants

Terrible conditions in the countryside and lack of access to land are linked to the armed conflict. Point one of the Peace Agreement, which is under study by the Constitutional Court, addresses these issues. Dejusticia presented an intervention supporting most of its content.
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The national government geographically isolated Chocó

We intervened to support a tutela that requires the government to pave the Quibdó-Medellín and Quibdó-Pereira roads: a promise that has historically been unfulfilled.
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Dejusticia intervened before the Constitutional Court against censorship of a health-related commercial

We support the freedom of expression of the NGO Educar Consumidores. They had released a commercial that talked about the content and health effects of sugary drinks, but the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce ordered to suspend its transmission.
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Intervention on the protection of information on content related to sugary drinks

Twenty-three citizens, members of the Food Health Alliance, filed an intervention before the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce in the ongoing proceedings against the Educar Consumidores commercial, which presented the sugar content of different drinks available in the market.
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Dejusticia’s intervention on behalf of the right to health and food of the Vaupés indigenous people

Dejusticia intervened before the Constitutional Court in support of a tutela filed on behalf of indigenous peoples in Vaupés for violations of their right to health.
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Intervention by Dejusticia and other organizations in favor of the right to food and water of the Wayúu children

Dejusticia intervened before the Constitutional Court in support of a tutela on behalf of Wayúu children in La Guajira, for violations of their rights to food and water.
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We presented a tutela in favor of the right consumers have to receive information on the amount of sugarpresent in the beverages we drink

Dejusticia and other organizations filed a tutela regarding the Industry and Commerce Oversight Agency ban of a commercial by Educating Consumers that addressed health effects of excessive sugary drinks consumption.
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Dejusticia and other organizations intervene in protection case on behalf of Wayúu children

on 19 july, Dejusticia, along with the National Indigenous Organization of Colombia (ONIC), the Civic Committee for the Dignity of La Guajira, and the Committee of Support for Popular Communities (CODACOP), and several leaders of the Wayúu peoples, sent to the Supreme Court of Justice of Colombia a brief in support of the citizen-led protection case on behalf of Wayúu boys and girls, who are facing grave danger due to a widespread situation of hunger and lack of drinking water in the department of La Guajira.

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