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Environmental Justice



Guatemala: Dejusticia intervenes in a process that seeks to protect the right to prior consultation of the Xinka people

During 2012 and 2013, the Ministry of Energy and Mines granted licenses for the exploitation of the Escobal mining company without consulting indigenous people. Eight international organizations presented an amicus to support the communities.
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Eight key points of the first Latin American lawsuit on the rights of future generations and climate change

Deforestation in the Colombian Amazon (the most biodiverse region in the world) violates the right of colombian children and youth to enjoy a healthy environment. Given that all ecosystems are interconnected, deforestation in the Amazon not only affects those living in the region, but also elsewhere in Colombia.
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The Constitutional Court has the last word to save the Ciénaga Grande of Santa Marta

The environmental crisis of this ecosystem led fishermen to pursue a legal battle that reached the High Court. In this intervention, we support their demand that environmental authorities take urgent measures to stop the disaster and thus, protect their rights to healthy environment, dignified life and work.
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The first four books of the “Ideas for Peace Building” collection are already available

The series, which will have a total of ten texts, seeks to provide thematic documents that offer diagnoses and proposals on some of the post-agreement challenges.

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An organization with collective leadership: our history reviewed in the Leader Network

The Leader Network chose Dejusticia to initiate the series of profiles on collective leadership. The profile published in Silla Vacía investigates three fundamental measures of leadership: vision, example and results.

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The Constitutional Court confirms decision that allows mayors to veto mining projects

The Constitutional Court has confirmed the ruling that allows the country's mayors to veto mining projects in their municipalities if they consider that they can affect the environment.

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Fisherfolk file a tutela to save Santa Marta’s Ciénaga Grande

The environmental crisis of this ecosystem, which has caused massive fish deaths, inspired a group of citizens to engage in a judicial battle to claim the protection of their right to a healthy environment, decent life, and work.

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Extractivism versus human rights: chronicles of the mined fields in the Global South

This book and Dejusticia's initiative that originated it propose a new type of human rights approach that is characterized by three traits. First, it is about reflective writing whose authors are the very own activists that work directly in the organizations on the ground and stop to think about the potential, achievements and challenges of their knowledge and practice.
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We presented a tutela in defense of the Great Ciénaga of Santa Marta

On November 10th, we presented a tutela action regarding the environmental degradation situation that affects the Great Ciénaga of Santa Marta. The ciénaga is a strategic ecosystem composed by a collection of lakes and wetlands, declared Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO and protected by the RAMSAR Convention. 

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