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Environmental Justice


The Constitutional Court decides on popular consultation processes in favor of public participation

The Constitutional Court recognizes that popular consultations on mining are legal and that municipalities can prohibit mining in their territories. 

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Pijao, the “slow” town that challenges the mining sector

In this article by El Tiempo, Laura Sepúlveda explains how Dejusticia supported the formulation of the tutela that Pijao residents submitted to get a popular consultation process on mining affairs. 

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Constitutional Court ruled over claim against the granting of mining titles in the Mining Code

Dejusticia intervened in a claim that sought to declare several articles in the Mining Code (Law 685 of 2001) unconstitutional. This was the Court´s response. 

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Tolima Tribunal approved popular referendum in Ibagué

The tribunal accepted the proposals made by Dejusticia and others who supported the initiative. 

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People’s Consultations About Mining Are Constitutional

Dejusticia filed a supporting brief in the protection case presented by citizens of Pijao, in defense of their right to citizen participation in a people's consultation about mining.

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Coadyuvancia in Favor of the Constitutionality of the Popular Consultation in Ibagué

In this coadyuvancia text we defend the constitutionality of the popular consultation in Ibagué through the analysis of two legal issues.

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Ibagué Mining Consultation in Final Stages

The Council of Ibagué backed the right to consultation on mining matters, but it still has to wait for approval by the Administrative Court of Tolima. Dejusticia researchers explain that Ibagué complies with all the requirements and that the local government has the competency to do this.

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Why Are the Regulations of the New National Development Plan Regarding Paramos and Development Projects of National Strategic Interest Unconstitutional?

With six votes in favor and two against, the Constitutional Court ruled that the article of the National Development Plan that permits mining in paramos is unconstitutional.

Moreover, with a 5-3 vote, the Court decided that victims' rights to land restitution supercedes Development Projects of National Strategic Interest.

In August 2015 Dejusticia intervened in this litigation arguing these measures' unconstitutionality.

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Are Popular Consultations about the Environment and Mining Viable in Ibagué?

Regarding Ibagué mayor's intention, Dejusticia researchers discuss the legality of these mechanisms in Colombia.

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