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Environmental Justice


Sumak Kawsay: The Sarayaku Case (short version)

The Sarayaku vs. Ecuador case began in 2003, when the Poeple of Sarayaku filed a complaint with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. They accused the Ecuadorian government of authorizing a petroleum company to explore for petroleum on their indigenous territory in the Amazon, in violation of their right to prior consultation.
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Lessons from the Sarayaku People for Other Indigenous Peoples

Dejusticia asks members of the Sarayaku People what lessons they can share with other indigenous people of the region.
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What is most important for the Sarayaku People?

Dejusticia asks members of the Sarayaku People what is most important to them.
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Gold, rocks and consultations

In the town of Piedras, located in the state of Tolima in Colombia, the future of participatory democracy and the environment is at stake. The first prior consultation related to a mining project (La Colosa) took place in this town. This project would be one of the largest of the country and a star within the national portfolio of Anglo Gold, the gold mining multinational.
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Minorities, threshold and oposition

Democracy assumes that the majority rules, but democracy also assumes that the political minority will be protected so that it can eventually reach power and, thus alternation can exist.
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