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The sin of ingratitude

Ingrid Betancourt's intention to sue the State produced an avalanche of reactions against her.
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The politically correct language

In my op-ed last week I said it was absurd that the World Cup referees saw less well than the match viewers.
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One-eyed referees

Suppose your son is playing the final of an intercollegiate soccer championship and when everything is ready to get started you find out the referee is missing an eye. How would you react?
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Illusions memorial

Every four years, after the presidential elections, we Colombians participate in a sort of collective rite where hope is renewed.
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A barracks and a convent

SIMON BOLIVAR is attributed the following sentence: "Ecuador is a convent, Colombia is a university, and Venezuela is a barracks." Now that we are in the Bicentennial celebration and on the eve of the election of a new president, perhaps it is worth wondering the value of the Liberator's phrase.
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Erasers and memory pills

Last Tuesday, the Third Specialized Judge of Bogota was ready to read the condemnatory sentence against Colonel Plazas ...
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Worse than hell

THE HOPE OF LIFE IN COLOMBIA is 75 years. This means that a citizen can participate in 14 presidential elections over its existence.
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The devil doing wafers

A GOOD way to end with a reasonable rule is to require its compliance relentlessly, even in the most absurd situations.
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Governments and judicial independence

IN ENGLAND, BEHIND the humblest of judges is always the powerful British Navy.
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