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Photo: Ian Lee

Geography and the Constitution

COLOMBIA is a country that has been conceived, organized and managed from the mountains.
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Egypt and the Polo Democrático

Some months ago I wrote a column in which I questioned the attitude of certain leaders of the Polo Democrático (political party) who criticize the project of land restitution of the current government ...
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Egypt’s crossroads

In Egypt, there's a traditional song that ends with these words: "Fortunately we have Islam. "
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Against national anthems

In my school there was a history professor which argued that the Colombian national anthem was the most beautiful in the world after the Marseillaise.
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Moral imagination

LAST JANUARY 12, before the victims of the slaughter of Tucson, Arizona, President Obama gave one of the most moving speeches of his career (full of eloquent speeches.)
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We columnists are constantly looking for amazing facts or ideas that help us draw the reader out from their own lethargy of the views he reads every day.
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The black hole of the golden triangle

In this country economic development, as almost everything else, is uneven.
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Economics and poetry

WILLIAM OSPINA AND ALEJANDRO Gaviria are two prominent Colombian intellectuals, the former a poet and the latter an economist.
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Unforgiving nature?

WHEN WE'RE HEALTHY, we think our body is invincible; but when we suffer an illness or an accident, we understand that all we are depends on the performance of a few organs, valves and bones that keep us standing.
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