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Birds face a variety of risks simply for coexisting with us, because we are a harmful species that grows egotistically and disproportionately.
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Gender Ideology: Demagogy or Strategy to Roll Back Rights?

The weakening of rights has come in blows that are difficult to perceive, but which have a substantial impact in the lives of women and LGBT people.
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The Cocalera Marches: An Expression of the Right to Demand Rights

The cocalero movements have helped to create the right to have rights, to be citizens and to receive attention by the State beyond a war against drugs.
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Fiscal Policy in the Service of Human Rights

How, exactly, is fiscal policy related to human rights?
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derechos laborales

“Without us, the world would not turn”

Understanding the reasons why certain women from certain regions end up doing certain work opens the door for critically approaching the fact that the majority of domestic workers are migrants in precarious situations.
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A Hop, Skip, and a Jungle Away: From the Global South to Sarayaku

Nearly all of the indigenous leaders who joined us for the workshop had some troubles in transit, which is clearly not an accident.
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Escuela General Santander, Cuba, ELN

Is it valid for Colombia to demand that Cuba turn over ELN negotiators?

The crucial point is that Cuba is not harboring the ELN negotiators with the goal of supporting this organization in its armed fight; rather, Cuba is following a request by the Colombian government that was made and accepted by the Colombian State in order to advance a peace process.
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Lawyers: What are they not for?

To what extents can lawyers go to defend the interests of their clients?
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Disclosing public servants’ private interests: A powerful but unexploited anti-corruption tool

Both the legislation and the case law of other countries have made considerable efforts to exploit the potential of the disclosure of private interests of public servants as an anti-corruption tool. In contrast, Colombia has yet to adopt these reforms and judicial pronouncements.
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