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Photo: Ian Lee

The Sierra, Displaced

I thought about their story, the people and the situations they must have faced. I honored that by feeling the strength of the land and that the stone had witnessed the same. –Tiokasin, Lakota leader
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Prisons: What Force Can’t Do

“Heavy-handed” policies on crime in many countries in the Americas have not only brought prisons to crises around the continent, but have also failed to reduce crime and recidivism. A more humane penitentiary system, not one of terror, seems to be the solution that our continent needs.
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Two fights in one: feminism and environmentalism

Only in as much as we coordinate the efforts will we be able to erradicate gender inequality and encounter a solution to the ecological crisis that we are experiencing.
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The “Lock Him Up” Paradox

What if we treated criminal prosecution and sentencing as a question of how to rebuild society? 
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The Vienna Consensus is broken, and we’re not going to fix it

Continuing to strengthen the idea that people who grow, traffic, and use drugs are citizens and human beings like everyone else is the first substantial step in restoring rights to populations who have suffered the harm of prohibition.
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Birds face a variety of risks simply for coexisting with us, because we are a harmful species that grows egotistically and disproportionately.
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Gender Ideology: Demagogy or Strategy to Roll Back Rights?

The weakening of rights has come in blows that are difficult to perceive, but which have a substantial impact in the lives of women and LGBT people.
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The Cocalera Marches: An Expression of the Right to Demand Rights

The cocalero movements have helped to create the right to have rights, to be citizens and to receive attention by the State beyond a war against drugs.
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Fiscal Policy in the Service of Human Rights

How, exactly, is fiscal policy related to human rights?
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