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lenguas indigenas

Tongue Twisters of the State

Around 97% of the world’s population speaks approximately 4% of the world’s existing languages. Put differently, around 96% of languages are spoken by about 3% of the global population. Linguistic diversity is being preserved by only a handful of people.
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Navigating Human Rights in a War-Torn Yemen

Despite immensely difficult circumstances in a war-torn and diminishing space for activism, Mwatana for Human Rights has remained steadfast in its mission to defend human rights.
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Rethinking the Anti-Poverty Recipe

Economic growth alone is not enough to alleviate extreme poverty. Instead, we need creative, targeted alternatives—like unconditional cash transfers and livestock donations.
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A Chain of Inequalities

The decline of redistributive agrarian reforms coupled with growing patterns of land concentration and land-grabbing threaten to exacerbate cycles of inequality in the countryside, in the city, and around the world.
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Vacillation towards migrants

The situation of Venezuelan migrants is too serious and urgent to equivocate on good faith and sway with the changing political circumstances of each government.
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Que Sea Ley

In spite of the Argentine Senate’s decision, this mobilization showed the force of the feminist movement, destabilized conservative sectors, placed abortion at the center of the legislative debate, and, above all, gave a feeling of victory to women.
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Preventing Corporate Intimidation of Rightsholders

Unfavorable news, a negative opinion of an opinion leader, or even an unfounded rumor can affect companies whose value depends to a large extent on the confidence of their shareholders and the public in their good behavior and the possibilities of obtaining profits by investing in them.
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Nanette, the end of stand-up?

I was struck by her message and her innovative and thoughtful way of thinking about comedy.
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“Terms and Conditions May Apply”… depending on where you are

In practice, the Latin American lack of adequate protection manifests itself in the possibility of banks using credit algorithms to decide whether to grant a loan or not, without any intervention by someone with the authority and competence to change the decision.
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