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Judicial System


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Interventions in lawsuits against four aspects of the New Police Code

Dejusticia carried out citizen interventions regarding the constitutionality of Police Code articles that establish police measures for several categories of persons and activities.

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Dejusticia Files Suit to Protect the Right to Privacy Under the New Police Code in Colombia

Dejusticia filed a lawsuit before the Constitutional Court, arguing that several articles of Colombian Law 1801 of 2016 (Police Code) violate the right to privacy.

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Dejusticia intervenes in lawsuit against Police Code in articles that regulate the right to protest

Congress acted unconstitutionally when it issued the new police code because it attempted to regulate social protest through the wrong legislative channels.
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Rodrigo Uprimny Intervnes in Hearing Regarding the Balance of Powers Reform

Last March 30th there was a hearing about the complaint presented by the Nation's Public Prosecutor, Eduardo Montealegre against the Balance of Powers Reform. This was Rodrigo Uprimny's contribution.

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Citizen Intervention in Favor of Changed Introduced by the Balance of Powers Reform regarding Presidential Re-election

The Balance of Powers Reform excluded in regards to presidential re-election the other mechanisms of constitutional reform that are included in the Constitution: legislative act and constitutional referendum of a governmental initiative. Dejusticia argues that this is not unconstitutional. 

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Is the new judicial governance model adopted by the Legislative Act 02 of 2015 or “Balance of Powers Reform” constitutional? Rodrigo Uprimny intervenes in public hearing before the Constitutional Court

On September 9th, 2015 Rodrigo Uprimny participated in a public hearing called by the Constitutional Court during the process of assessing the constitutionality of the Legislative Act 02 of 2015 or the "balance of powers reform." In his intervention, Rodrigo Uprimny argues that the balance of power reform did not replace the fundamental pillar of judicial independence by modifying the 1991 Constitution's model of judicial governance.

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Intervention before the Constitutional Court Regarding Legal Regulations on Obligatory Military Service and Its Application to Trans* People

Dejusticia intervened in a lawsuit arguing the unconstitutional nature of laws that regulate military service for trans people. For the plaintiffs these laws ignore their gender identity. Dejusticia has asked the Court to declare itself inhibited from releasing a substantive ruling.

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Challenge to Francisco Javier Ricaurte Gómez’s appointment as a judge of the High Judiciary Council for violation of article 126 of the Constitution

Dejusticia challenged the appointment of Francisco Javier Ricaurte Gómez to the High Council of the Judicary because certain magistrates of the Council violated article 126 of the Constitution by naming Ricaurte to a public position when he had previously participated in their appointment to the Council.
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