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Data Feast

Data Feast: Enterprises and Personal Data in Latin America

Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft now possess an ability to reconfigure the behaviour of individuals, clients, and citizens globally. How Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico are responding?
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Accountability of Google and other data-driven business models: data protection in the digital age

In this document we analyze the privacy policies of 30 companies with data-driven business models that collect data in Colombia and identify practices that have not been sufficiently contemplated by the personal data protection regime currently applicable in our country.
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Entre coacción y colaboración: Verdad judicial, actores económicos y conflicto armado en Colombia

While it is clear that many of the economic actors lack responsibility in the conflict and others have been victims of it, some research has shown that some did have a decisive role in the origin, development and perpetuation of the cycles of armed conflict in the country.
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On corruption in Colombia: conceptual framework, diagnosis and policy proposals

According to the Corruption Perceptions Index by Transparency International for 2016, Colombia obtained a rating of 37/100. How to characterize the phenomenon of corruption in Colombia and what academic and public policy strategies can be adopted to counteract it?
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The right to freedom of expression: advanced course for judges and legal practitioners in the Americas

This guide covers the main current legal rules under the inter-American order on freedom of expression.
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Access to intelligence and counterintelligence archives in the framework of the post-agreement

In this text, we offer options so that transitional justice mechanisms and society at large can have access to intelligence and counterintelligence archives, which relate to the armed conflict in Colombia.
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territorios de la paz

Peace territories: the construction of the local state in Colombia

This book offers diagnoses and proposals surrounding one key challenge of peace building: carrying out out a large national state-building project on the periphery of the country.
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Democracy, Justice & Society: Ten Years of Research at Dejusticia

This book collects the essential from the texts on justice elaborated during the last decade in the Center for the Study of Law, Justice and Society - Dejusticia. 

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Extractivism versus human rights: chronicles of the mined fields in the Global South

Un nuevo acercamiento a los derechos humanos: escritura reflexiva por autores activistas de organizaciones defensoras que considera el potencial, los logros y desafíos de su práctica.
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