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Transitional Justice


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Intervention in Litigation Alleging Unconstitutionality of Resolution 339 of 2012 Establishing Peace Negotiations in Havana

We intervened in an unconstitutionality case presented by ex-Public Prosecutor Eduardo Montealegre Lynett, against the expression "agreement", contained in the general agreement for the end of the armed conflict and building of a stable and durable peace, found in the annex of Resolution 339 of 2012, promulgated by the President of the Republic.

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Dejusticia Intervenes in Favor of Popular Vote for Peace Agreement through a Special Popular Consultation

Dejusticia intervened in the process testing the constitutionality of the bill that regulates the plesbiscite putting the final peace accord to a popular vote to end the conflict and build a stable and lasting peace. This synthesizes the arguments of this intervention.

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Intervention Litigating Unconstitutionality of the Expression “Free of Blame” of the Evidenciary Requirements of Good Faith Which Is Necessary to Access Economic Compensation

We intervened before the Constitutional Court litigating the unconstitutionality of the formulated expression "free of blame" of the evidenciary standards of good faith, contained in the Law 1448 of 2011 (Victims and Land Restitution Law) that is a requirement to access economic compensation.

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Why are Victims of Forced and Illicit Recruitment De-Linked from Post-Demobilization Groups Have the Right to the CODA Certificate to Access Reintegration Programs?

We intervened before the Constitutional Court in a lawsuit arguing the inconstitutionality of Article 190 of the Law 1448 of 2011. This law states that victims of forced and illicit recruitment de-linked from post-demobilization groups and that are legal adults have to obtain a certificate from the Operating Committe for the Surrender of Arms (CODA) in order to gain access to reintegration programs.

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Can a Criminal Law Judge Suspend a Land Restitution Process?

We intervened before the Constitutional Court in a writ of constitutional protection case, in which a criminal law judge ordered, as a precautionary measure, to suspend a land restitution process. The criminal case investigated the alleged procedural fraud in the land restitution process by the plaintiffs. According to the litigants (who act as defendants in the land restitution case), the restitution plaintiffs committed procedural fraud by arguing that the seeling of the land in question constitutes legal displacement.

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Constitutional Court Accepts Case to Guarantee Medical Attention to Survivors of Sexual Assault

Dejusticia alongside four women's human rights organizations filed a lawsuit that seeks to ameliorate the serious problems that survivors of sexual assault face in Colombia.

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Expert Opinion about Administrative Reparations before the Inter-American Human Rights Court

Camilo Sánchez, transitional justice research coordinator, presented an expert opinion about the administrative reparations program and the compliance of the Land Restitution and Victims' Law to international standards before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, within the framework of the case "Yarce and others v. Colombia."

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Tutela UP – Díaz Mansilla Family

30 years ago Miguel Ángel Díaz was forcefully disappeared in Puerto Boyacá with participation of a DAS agent. He was one of the first victims of the persecution against the Patriotic Union.

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Intervention: Political Rights in the Legal Framework for Peace

Dejusticia appeared before the Constitutional Court to request that it dismiss the lawsuit brought against Article 66 and 67 of the Constitution, which form part of what is called the "Legal Framework for Peace."
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